The Chase filming stopped after Shaun Wallace collapses in a fit of giggles

The Barrister had to pause filming and ask for a tissue as he struggled to compose himself in an outtake from the ITV quiz show.

Filming for The Chase had to be halted after Shaun Wallace struggled to regain his composure when he collapsed in a fit of giggles.

The normally stern Barrister was trying to deliver his introduction to a contestant called Shereen on the show when he kept muddling his lines up.

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After two failed attempts, it was clear host Bradley Walsh was finding it difficult to keep his laughter in and eventually he started giggling.

That made Shaun start to laugh again, with him having to say “cut”. “He’s making me laugh too much,” said Shaun.


Contestant Shereen remained cool and calm through the three-minute exchange that saw both Shuan and Bradley in uncontrollable bouts of laughter.

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“You’re killing me!” said Bradley, as he put his head down on the board. “I’ve completely lost the plot – I’ve gone hysterical,” he wheezed.

Eventually, Shaun took his glasses off and asked for a tissue to wipe away the sweat and tears.

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