The Chase’s Mark Labbett reveals he wears false teeth due to daily 10 bar chocolate habit

The Beast’s wife Katie has revealed that the Chaser has had to have the whole top set of his teeth removed due to consuming too much sugar throughout his life.

Mark Labbett has revealed that he wears false teeth and his whole top set had to be replaced due to sugar consumption.

The wife of The Beast, a regular on ITV’s daytime favourite The Chase, made the revelation during Sugar Free Farm (Tuesday January 2, 8pm, ITV).

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Katie Labbett, who married Mark in 2014, said: “Unfortunately because he's been having sugar his whole life his teeth didn't survive and he's just had to have his whole top row done with fake ones."

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As part of Sugar Free Farm, Mark went to see a doctor and explained that his diet consisted of “Meat, bread, potatoes, far less vegetables than I should have. And industrial quantities of sugar all my life. Something like six, eight, ten bars of chocolate a day and a sort of four to eight ounce bag of sweets.”

Hoping to try and change his lifestyle, Mark underwent an MRI scan at hospital and had some advice from nutritionist Angelique Panagos.

Angelique said: "The reason why I wanted Mark to come and do the MRI scan is so that he can see for himself what’s happening in his body."

The MRI shows up any build-up of visceral fat, the dangerous internal fat which surrounds the vital organs.

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As Mark goes in for the scan, discovers the price of his life-long love affair with the sweet stuff.

After getting the results and looking at his scans, Mark declares: "If I was a pig that looked like that it would be rejected as unfit for human consumption."

Sugar Free Farm airs at 8pm on Tuesday February 2 on ITV.

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