The Cry with Jenna Coleman: Where is it filmed?

Find out more about the dual location for the emotional new BBC thriller.

If the title wasn’t enough of a clue, you should get the tissues ready for BBC mini-series The Cry, a heartbreaking drama starring Jenna Coleman as a young mother enduring the worst that can happen to a parent.

Her character Joanna’s new baby goes missing on a trip to Australia, and her relationship with husband Alistair (Ewen Leslie) begins to unravel as secrets and lies are exposed.

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We look at the two very different locations where the four-part series, adapted from Helen FitzGerald’s novel, was shot.

Where was The Cry filmed?

The Cry follows couple Joanna and Alistair as they are adjusting to life as parents to baby son Noah.

Much of the story is set in Glasgow, where the family live, but the drama begins with them aboard a plane to Australia.

They are visiting Alistair’s mum who lives in Melbourne, and are also fighting for custody of Alistair’s daughter from a previous relationship with Alexandra, who lives in Australia too.

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But tragedy strikes the family when Noah is abducted from a remote Australian town, and their lives are thrown into chaos as they desperately search for him, uncovering some uncomfortable truths about each other.

Filming in Melbourne and Glasgow was supported by Film Victoria and Creative Scotland.

What was the Australian leg of filming like?

The part of the story that takes place in Australia was filmed in and around Melbourne, a real contrast in terms of landscape and weather to the Glasgow scenes.

Claire Mundell, executive producer for Synchronicity Films who made The Cry, said: “It’s so exciting to tell this thrilling story which spans the two countries. The start of shooting marks an incredible moment for our company as we start production on what is a truly international drama with Scottish roots. We could not be more thrilled to be shooting the show in the incredible Australian light of Melbourne, and contrasting that with the beautiful West End of Glasgow.”

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Filming between the two locations also gave the actors the chance to see each other in their home environment.

Scottish star Stella Gonet, who plays Alistair’s mother Elizabeth, said of the actress who plays his ex Alexandra: “Asher Keddie, my god - a goddess. I didn’t realise quite how amazingly famous she was and then you go to Australia and she’s on the front cover of all these magazines - we don’t have her shows over here.”

What did the cast think of working in Glasgow?

Glasgow was a popular choice of setting among The Cry’s stars – many of them had spent time living there, and all of them enjoyed the city’s charm.

Jenna Coleman, who stars as Joanna, talked about the contrast between the two locations.

She said: “Melbourne was a lot more laid back, the sun is shining… but in Glasgow when you arrive, it’s the humour. I feel very at home in Glasgow. I don’t know if it’s because my grandad’s Scottish and there’s something quite homely there for me. The big differences are the weather and landscape! Our director was praying for the grey drizzle, the dreich Scottish weather!”

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Scottish native Stella added: “Obviously we don’t have the climate, but we have the lovely warm people. The banter is always brilliant.

"I’m from Greenock so I know what the weather is like here, so there were no surprises for me. The shock for me was dealing with the heat in Australia. I don’t know how the Aussies felt being here. I think some of the children had never seen rain before!

"No, it was lovely to be here. I don’t work in Scotland very much so it was absolutely heaven.”

Sophie Kennedy Clark plays Joanna’s friend Kirsty, and was clear about what the highlight of the drama was for her.

“Glasgow,” she said. “I used to live in Glasgow. This city… there’s so much life and so much going on with the people here and the banter. Being able to work here in Glasgow and with a Glaswegian crew, it’s been brilliant.”

Episode 2 Preview

As the police investigation ramps up, the world’s media descends on the small town of Wilde Bay to report on the terrible and mysterious events of the previous night.

Joanna (Jenna Coleman) and Alistair (Ewen Leslie) face scrutiny on social media; a horrified Joanna creates a fake online identity and begins to take part in the online discussions.

Cracks appear in Alistair and Joanna’s relationship as they both try to cope in different ways with the unrelenting presence of the media and the police, as well as their personal and private emotions.

Joanna becomes increasingly haunted and obsessed by the online commentators, who seem determined to solve the mystery.

The Cry airs Sundays at 9pm on BBC One.

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