New on Netflix: Find out what's on and what to watch this month

Need some Netflix binge inspo this February? Here's the very best of what to stream this month.

We round up some of the biggest new releases available on Netflix this month.


Queer Eye

queer eye

It may be 15 years since Queer Eye for the Straight Guy revolutionised reality TV as we know it, but who can forget such a fun makeover show? Thankfully Netflix has bought the show back, but this time with a new crew and trading New York City for Atlanta, Georgia. Both men and women will be transformed - from their fashion to their self esteem to their cooking skills - by a new fab five.

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Coach Snoop

coach snoop

When Snoop Dogg isn’t rapping or cooking up a storm with Martha Stewart, he coaches his local teen American Football team – the Steelers. This new series follows Snoop and his team of 13-year-old boys as they travel the nation with the hopes of winning the youth football National Championship. Last year they almost won – but lost seconds before the game finished. Will they make up for it this year?

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Altered Carbon

altered carbon

Anticipated to be on of Netflix’s most-watched series of the year, Altered Carbon is based on the 2002 sci-fi cyberpunk novel of the same name.

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Set 300 years in the future, in a world where you can potentially live forever through implanting your memory into new ‘sleeves’ (bodies), super trooper Takeshi Kovacs is bought back from the dead to help a wealthy man track down his own murderer from a past body. An exciting murder mystery, it stars include Joel Kinnaman, James Purefoy, Martha Higareda and Kristin Lehman.

Seven Seconds

seven seconds

A powerful anthological crime thriller set in Jersey City, tensions and riots implode after a white cop accidentally critically injures a black teenager. What ensues is a shocking cover-up followed by the trial of a century that splits the city firmly in two. The stellar cast includes Regina King, Raul Castillo, Beau Knapp and David Lyons.


On Body and Soul

on body and soul

Nominated for best foreign language film in 2018’s Academy Awards, On Body and Soul is a Hungarian movie about a man and woman who meet while working at a slaughterhouse. Discovering they both share the same dream each night, they try to recreate their dreams in reality.


mute netflix              

A sci-fi movie with soul, Mute is about Leo (played by Alexander Skarsbard) a mute who is desperately searching for his missing girlfriend in a futuristic Berlin. Cactus Bill (Paul Rudd) and Duck (Justin Theroux) then turn up as US army surgeons on their mission. Will they find what they’re looking for in this strange but exciting city?

The Ritual

One of the few horrors from Netflix Originals, The Ritual is about four old chums that hike through the Scandinavian wilderness to commemorate the untimely death of their mutual friend. But a fateful wrong turn leads them into the disturbing forests of Norse legend, where an ancient evil awaits them.

Stand-Up Comedy

Fred Armisen: Standup for Drummers

fred armisen

Saturday Night Live alumnus Fred Armisen stars in this stand-up special as he explores a variety of unusual yet hilarious issues that include his lack of jazz understanding, the subtle differences between American accents and naturally his passion for drumming.


The Trader (Sovdagari)

the trader

Gela sells second-hand clothes and household goods from the back of his minibus across Eastern European country Georgia in exchange for potatoes – which in this land are worth more than money itself. Highlighting the huge gap between rich and poor in parts of Europe, it’s set to be an endearing eye opener.

First Team: Juventus


This docu-series follows the stories and characters from Juventus football club between 2017-2018. Spending time with players and key stakeholders both on and off the pitch, this documentary series explores the people behind one of the most exciting football teams in the world.

Ugly Delicious

Calling all foodies! In Ugly Delicious, award-winning chef David Chang crosses the globe to visit chefs, activists and artists who use food as a means to break down cultural barriers and misconceptions. You’ll see Chang travel to Houston, Tokyo, Copenhagen and many more. 

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