With so many amazing TV shows available to stream on Netflix, it can be hard to know what programmes to watch.

Below are some amazing new programmes coming to Netflix this May, as well as some fantastic shows already available to watch right now...



The Last Kingdom Series 2 – May 5th


Netflix continues BBC’s gripping historical drama The Last Kingdom for its second series. Set in England in the late 9th Century AD, the show depicts the on-going battles and rivalries of England’s divide between the Anglo-Saxons and Viking Danes.

Praised for its historical accuracy and realistic depiction of the Vikings invasion and plundering of Britain, this is a must for any fans of the epic historical drama genre.

Sense8 Series 2 – May 5th


Sense8 fans have been waiting since 2015 for a second series – and the wait is finally over. A ground-breaking and highly innovative show, series 1 told the stories of eight strangers around the world who were connected through their senses. Able to send each other secret messages, they use this power to help on another get out of difficult situations.

Series 2 promises to explore why they are all connected, just who decided to bring them together – and why.

Anne with an E Series 1 – May 12th


Netflix reboot of the Canadian classic has gained some controversy for calling the series “Anne with an E” rather than its original title “Anne of Green Gables.” However, in its press release Netflix promises to stay as true to the tale as possible while still adding a bit of its own creative flair here and there.

Anne of Green Gables tells the story of the plucky and imaginative orphan who is adopted by an elder couple on the remote Canadian Prince Edward Island. Through her various adventures and challenges, she gradually becomes accepted and beloved by the local community and her new family alike.

Master of None Series 2 - May 12th


Emmy Award winning series Master of None, starring comedian Aziz Ansari, is back for its much anticipated second series. Celebrated for capturing the millennial zeitgeist, Master of None is loosely based on Aziz’s experiences in New York as a struggling actor.

Series 1 guest stars included Claire Danes and Danielle Brooks and we can only guess who will be making an appearance in series 2, especially since it won and was nominated for countless awards.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Series 3 - May 19th


Everyone’s favourite Doomsday cult escapee is back for a third series. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt centers on the adventures of Kimmy Schmidt, an ex-member of an Indiana cult who is now trying to make a proper go of it in New York City.

Never playing the victim, the first two series saw Kimmy navigate the various charms and pitfalls of city life, all while maintaining a positive and quirky outlook. Series 3 promises to follow up with the series 2 cliff-hanger – Kimmy is actually married to her incarcerated cult leader Reverend Richard Wayne – who now wants a divorce.

House of Cards Series 5 – May 30th


One of Netflix most popular shows of all time, House of Cards will return for its fifth season this month. The show focuses on the shocking and swift rise of power of Washington politician Frank Underwood and his equally ambitious and ruthless wife Claire.

While the plot is being very much kept under wraps, its trailer has hinted at a few of the themes. These include Frank belittling the voting public as “children,” and that if he wins the upcoming Presidency election he will stop at nothing to maintain his role as the most powerful man in the world.


The Mars Generation Series 1 – May 5th


Want to go to Mars? This documentary explores the realities of reaching the mysterious planet through the eyes of a group of teenage U.S. Space Camp participants.

A group of self-professed “space nerds” this documentary will follow these teen space enthusiasts as they learn just what it takes to become an astronaut while experts will reflect on the possibilities of reaching and living on Mars – as well as NASA’s history and future.

Get Me Roger Stone – May 12th


Netflix promises to shed significance light and (depending on where you stand politically) dirt on controversial American lobbyist Roger Stone.

Particularly known for his damning opposition research, he has helped multiple Republican candidates win their Presidencies, including Nixon and most recently Trump. This documentary explores Roger’s charismatic personality and how it’s aided him in becoming one of the Republican Party’s most influential figures.

The Keepers Series 1 – May 19th


Hailed as the new Making a Murderer, The Keepers explores what happened to 26-year-old Baltimore nun Sister Cathy Cesnik. Murdered in 1969, her case was never solved, but there have long been rumours that it was part of an epic cover-up by the both the Catholic school she taught at and the Catholic Church.

Although decades have passed, Cathy’s family, friends and former pupils are still searching for answers, and this documentary aims to get unravel the mystery that surrounds her mysterious and untimely death.

Laerte-se – May 19th


Laerte-se is Netflix’s first original Portuguese documentary, and explores famed Brazilian cartoonist Laerte Coutinho journey after announcing his transition to a woman at the age of 59.

Laerte’s new life is examined through everyday observations, interviews and encounters with her local community.

Netflix Original Films

War Machine – May 26th


Based on the novel The Operators by Michael Hastings, this epic war drama stars Hollywood heavyweights Brad Pitt, Anthony Michael Hall, Tilda Swinton and Ben Kingsley.

Brad stars as Afghanistan war hero Glenn McMahon who successfully leads NATO forces through battle, only for his reputation and legacy to be threatened by an unrelenting journalist’s exposé.

Blame! – May 20th


Blame! is Netflix adaption of the Tsutomu Nihei’s beloved manga. Described as “set in the distant future where what’s left of the human race resides within the Megastructure, a vast and dangerous labyrinth that has grown wild and out of control. Thrown into this world is the mysterious Killy, a strange individual who is on a quest to bring civilization back from the brink of oblivion.”

As many Manga fans have declared that Nihel’s work is virtually impossible to adapt to the screen, it will be curious to see how this ambitious adaption is received. 

April Highlights

The Get Down: Season 1 Part 2


Baz Luhrman's Netflix original musical series The Get Down is back for part 2 of series one. Set in ‘70’s Brooklyn, NYC, The Get Down tells the story of a group of African American teens as they pursue their music and arts dreams. With a lavish budget of $10 million per episode, viewers can expect even more spectacular music numbers, sets and high profile guest stars.

Dear White People


Based on the award-winning indie film, Dear White People is a brand new satire that shows the struggles and prejudices African American and minority students face daily at a predominantly white American Ivy League College.  

Casting JonBenét


It’s been more than 20 years since child beauty queen JonBenét Ramsey was found murdered in her family home. A crime that was never solved, this much-hyped documentary reconstructs the leading up to and the immediate aftermath of the murder with the help of a cast of local actors from the Ramsey family's hometown of Boulder, Colorado (USA). 

Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On


Inspired by Netflix’s 2015’s documentary Hot Girls Wanted, this documentary takes a look at the pornography business in modern America. Exploring everyone from traditional porn actors to webcam models, Hot Girls Wanted: Turn On tells the stories and personal lives behind their adult star personas. 

Still Streaming...



Based on the Archie comic-book series, this popular teen show centers around teen Archie as he navigates life, love and high school – and uncovers more than a couple of secrets about Riverdale along the way. 

Iron Fist

Inspired by the Marvel Comics character of the same name, Iron Fist tells the tale of a young Billionaire Buddhist Monk who has incredible martial arts skills and mystical abilities known as the “Iron Fist.” A must for any Marvel fan, the show stars Finn Jones, Jessica Henwick and Rosario Dawson.


Finnish crime drama Bordertown is about an eccentric detective who abandons his busy city lifestyle and job to serve in a small border town. With the locals almost as peculiar as him, this show is essential viewing for Scandi-noir buffs. 

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