The Son - Book Club: 5 must read books if you’ve loved the Pierce Brosnan AMC drama

If you've fallen in love with the epic Western saga, here are five sizzling Texas novels to add to your reading list.

AMC’s epic Western saga The Son has been one of our TV addictions of 2017.

Brooding, powerful and packed with performances that sizzle like a barbecued Texas steak, the story of the McCullough family and the birth of the Lone Star State has had us hooked to AMC (BT TV channel 332/381 HD).

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If you’ve loved the Pierce Brosnan drama as much as us, here is our own The Son  Book Club, including 5 must read novels for fans of the show.

The Son on AMC

1. The Gates of the Alamo – Stephen Harrigan

The best-selling author's finest work, this novel is based around one of the most famous events in Texan history and is a must-read for any budding Lone Star State historians.

Following the events through the eyes of a naturalist, an innkeeper and her teenage son, the book is a masterpiece.

The San Francisco Chronicle labelled Harrigan as the “leading Texan writer of his generation”, while this book was described as the “first great novel of the 21st century”.

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2. Texas – James A Michener

An author of over forty books, including the Pulitzer Prize winning Tales of the South Pacific, Michener’s take on Texas is a true epic.

A tale of patriotism, violence, betrayal and turbulence, no stone is left unturned in this monumental saga.

Spanning four and a half centuries and the rise of Texas from Spanish roots to its affluent modern position in America, this book is a stunning literary achievement.

The Son on AMC

3. No Country for Old Men - Cormac McCarthy

You may have seen the 2007 Coen Brothers Oscar-winnng movie, starring Javier Bardem, but the original book is even better.

Set along the Texas borderlands of 1980, No Country is a gripping thriller about drug deals gone wrong, innocent men on the run, and a ruthless killer with a commitment to duty.

A breathless novel that delves into big topics like greed and the nature of honour, No Country is a rapid page turner and beautiful, lyrical examination of America.

The Son on AMC

4. The Son – Philipp Meyer

You’ve watched the TV series, now it’s time to find out where the inspiration came from – Philipp Meyer’s masterful epic.

A beautifully wrought novel that was nominated for the Pulitzer Price, it’s an extraordinary piece of work from Meyer that delves deep into the birth, rise and fall of Texas.

The novel's scale and ambition is impressive as it observes the destruction and pleasures of Texan life.

Eli McCullough possibly puts its best in the book, when he tells his son Pete: “It is the story of the human race. Soil to sand, fertile to barren, fruit to thorns. It is all we know how to do."

The Son on AMC

5. American Rust – Philipp Meyer

If you’ve loved The Son, it’s worth heading into Philipp Meyer’s back catalogue and where better to begin than his debut novel, American Rust.

Set in America’s crumbling industrial heartland, the story follows two young me whose lives and changed forever when they encounter strangers in an abandoned building and a random act of violence follows.

One critic wrote:  “I noted that novelists spend entire careers trying to write even one classic book. Philipp Meyer accomplished that feat on his first attempt.”

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