The World's Most Expensive Christmas: The five most ridiculous gifts

Would you buy these presents if you had millions of pounds to spend this Christmas?

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Last updated: 22 December 2015 - 4.32pm

Christmas is never cheap, but Twitter was pretty outraged at just how much the super rich spend.

Channel 4′s documentary, The World’s Most Expensive Christmas, had everyone screaming at the telly as hundreds of thousands of pounds were frittered away on extremely extravagant gifts.

Here are five ‘presents’ that made us squirm:

1. Baubles worth thousands of pounds, available in ANY shape you want.

A handblown pineapple bauble on a Christmas tree
All of the baubles are hand blown, don’t you know (Channel 4/PA)

2. A USB stick, in a mushroom, covered in jewels. For £22,950.

3. A reindeer mince pie, with a real ruby nose, for £475.

4. Swarovski crystal encrusted wrapping paper, because non-bespoke simply won’t do.

5. A £616,000 tree topper, made of a lot of expensive jewels that look like glitter.

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