Trauma review episode 2: ITV drama leaves viewers with shocking cliffhanger – Is Dan about to kill?

We look at five burning questions ahead of tonight’s dramatic finale.

Viewers were left on the edge of their seats after the second episode of ITV’s thrilling drama Trauma as struggling Dan Bowker looked like he was prepared to turn killer in the closing scenes.

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Dan (John Simm) has been struggling to cope following the death of his son Alex, blaming surgeon Jon Allerton (Adrian Lester) for failing to save him on the operating table.

Tensions between Dan and Jon went from simmering to boiling point in episode two as their row descended into a potentially violent climax.

Ahead of this evening’s eagerly-awaited finale, here is everything we want answered in episode three.

1. What is Dan planning to do with that knife?

Trauma ITV

We know that Dan isn’t a fan of doing the washing up, so the care he took over polishing the sharp kitchen knife, which he’s packed in his bag for a day out, is rather sinister.

At the end of the episode, he stood on Jon’s doorstep with a smile and it looks like he’s got something planned for the doctor's daughter Alana (Jade Anouka).

Hopefully this isn’t as sinister as it first appears, but could Dan have sunk so low that he is willing to stab Alana in an act of revenge?

2. Does Jon have a weakness for women?

Trauma - ITV

Susie’s rather unashamed flirtation with the doctor didn’t get batted away by the surgeon and although he isn’t having an affair with Nora, they clearly have a special relationship.

Is this just showing Jon as a normal fallible man, or does he have a weakness that could destroy his family.

3. Has the hospital treated Dan badly?

Their investigation into malpractice amounted to little more than a couple of questions and his firing from the coffee shop was unreasonable.

Does Dan have a point about nobody taking him seriously? Would the hospital have taken his case further if he was somebody else?

4. Will both marriages survive the series?

Trauma - ITV

False allegations of affairs, awkward sexual advances and Jon’s creepy purchase of a dress that matched Lisa’s, all amounted to a fairly terrible episode for the two couples at the heart of the show.

Dan’s obsession has pulled him apart from Susie and thanks to some seeds of doubt being planted, not everything is sparkling for the Allertons either.

Will both couples survive this ordeal and remain together?

5. Did Jon make a mistake on the operating table?

Trauma - ITV

It’s the question at the heart of the series and at the moment, we’re inclined to believe that he did make an error.

His twitchiness in the review of Alex’s death and crumbling response to pressure from Dan suggest that he knows he got something wrong.

Whether that makes him to blame for the death or justifies Dan’s attacks is another matter entirely. What does Dan want from Jon anyway? An admission or revenge and repayment?

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