Victoria: Will Skerrett's secrets be revealed? Nell Hudson talks series 2 and corsets

We catch up with the young actress to find out secrets of the ITV period drama.

Last updated: 17 September 2017 - 04.06pm

Best known for her starring roles in period dramas Victoria and Outlander, actress Nell Hudson has become accustomed to being trussed up in corsets - but she has high hopes her next role won't be quite so restrictive.

She tells us about her busy schedule, living a double life as her characters and her hopes to tread the boards in theatreland.

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Is it true you watch Victoria back with the rest of the cast?

Nell Hudson - Victoria

Every Sunday night, when it's on, we take it in turns to host. We go over to each other's houses, chill with everyone, watch the series together and take the piss out of each other's acting. So yeah, it's really nice.

Are you someone who doesn't mind watching yourself back on screen?

It's a learning curve. I used to find it absolutely unbearable; you know your ego kicks in and you just think, 'Oh my God, my face looks weird'. But as I grow as an actor, I actually find it really necessary to watch myself back so I can learn from it and get a sense of what I am conveying and if I'm doing a good job or not. It's very nice in moments when I watch myself and I forget that I'm watching me.

Series 2 has been full of drama. What do you love about playing Mrs Skerrett?

Nell Hudson

Skerrett leads with her head over her heart and that can be difficult. Not only does she lead a double life, but she also stops herself from following her heart in order to be professional and independent. There is an inner conflict that she's constantly struggling with and [that] has been challenging as an actress.

You want to portray that she has things going on inside, whilst not letting that be too obvious so as to not give it away to everyone at the palace. Skerrett is gutsy; she has integrity and she's a joy to play.

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What can you tell us about your next series of Outlander?

Nell Huson - Victoria

Well obviously the book already exists, so people already know what is going to happen. But without wanting to ruin it for anyone who hasn't read the book, we've leaped forward in time and my character now has a 16-year-old daughter - which was so weird to play because the girl who was playing my daughter was two years younger than me! That ate me up. It was really funny looking in the mirror and going, 'Oh my God, is this what I'm going to look like?' It is very unflattering.

With such a busy schedule is it difficult to balance your work and personal life?

I definitely go slightly off the radar when I'm filming, because getting stuck into the world of a TV series and my character is quite emotionally consuming. I do really try to make an effort to see people and catch up with people when I'm in town but, you know, you're living a double life.

What's next for you? Is there a role you'd love to play?

Nell Hudson - Victoria

It would be very nice to play a character who doesn't wear a corset for once! I would love to do some theatre; I am auditioning at the moment, so I'm very excited because I have got time to think of what my next project will be.

Victoria airs on ITV on Sunday nights.

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