Viewers ‘sobbing’ at emotional Victoria finale

Victoria will be back with a special episode at Christmas.

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Last updated:16 October 2017 - 11.01am

Victoria viewers were “heartbroken” and “sobbing” as Lord Drummond was killed off in the series two finale.

Drummond (Leo Suter) died after taking a bullet that was destined for the Prime Minister Robert Peel.

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Fans of the ITV drama – which stars Jenna Coleman as the monarch – were devastated by the death, with many writing on Twitter that they were in tears.


“So much ugly sobbing at this ep. distraught it’s the last of the season. i have too many emotions,” wrote another.

One upset viewer tweeted: “Drummond’s death was so painful to watch… I was so heartbroken that I couldn’t even cry. But it hurts real bad.”

Fans were particularly upset that Drummond had died so soon after he and Victoria’s attendant Alfred (Jordan Waller) had shared a passionate kiss.

One person tweeted: “I’m just gonna cry myself to sleep don’t mind me, drummond and alfred deserved the world #victoria.”

“Drummond and alfred: the most tragic and epic love story, romeo and juliet are shaking,” said another.

For many viewers, the one bright spot on the horizon was that Victoria will be back with a special episode at Christmas.

Twitter was bombarded with messages, video clips and memes from fans expressing their excitement.

“My sundays are over !!! Oh christmas i cant wait for you !” said one bereft viewer, while another confessed: “I literally just jumped up from the sofa and ran around screaming happy that #Victoria will be back at Christmas.”

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