Wentworth's Otto: Long nails a drag

Wentworth Prison actor Socratis Otto has admitted his long nails took time getting used to.

Press Association
Last updated: 10 September 2014 - 2.04pm

Wentworth Prison newcomer Socratis Otto has revealed how he couldn't wait to get rid of the long nails he sported on the show.

The Australian actor sported wigs and heels, and donned special garments to join the drama's second season as male-to-female transsexual inmate Maxine Conway.

"As soon as we wrapped the season, I started biting my nails off. They grew so wonderfully that the make-up team were envious that I can grow better nails than them," he explained.

"They were a rare treat for me, but at the same time, they were a pain in the a**e especially when I'm cooking. So I couldn't wait to cut them off!"

Socratis said he would get a surprise whenever he saw his transformation in the mirror.

"It's crazy from the neck down. I have special trans-gender underwear, which accentuates the physique so I've got butt implants and hips, not to mention my chicken fillets," he explained. "Everyone at work is very jealous because I've had different looks throughout the season. But the make-up does take longer than the others."

The actor had no doubts about signing up for the role.

"It was a dream come true. I grew up watching Prisoner and Cell Block H as a child. My sisters and I would pretend to be inmates because my parents wouldn't allow us to watch it. So when they came to me about this transgender character in this re-imagining, I didn't hesitate," he said.

"I pride myself on pushing my own boundaries. You do get stale in the roles you get, so when this came around, I thought, 'Absolutely, I'm going to educate myself'. I was very narrow-minded about the idea about what trans-gender meant until I did my research."

:: Wentworth Prison continues on Wednesdays on Channel 5.