When are the Mrs Brown’s Boy’s Christmas specials on? Are they the last ever episodes? Everything you need to know

The BBC Christmas hit is returning for another year. When are the Mrs Brown's Boys specials on, what are the storylines and will we ever see another full series of Agnes's adventures.

Love it or loathe it, there’s no doubting that Mrs Brown’s Boys is one of the biggest ratings draws of the festive season.

Brendan O’Carroll’s sitcom is returning to the BBC for another round of festive specials sure to provoke cheers and groans in equal measure.

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Find out all you need to know about them, and whether this will be Mrs Brown’s last outing.

When are the Mrs Brown’s Boys Christmas specials on?

We’re still waiting to hear what the exact viewing schedules for Christmas will be, but going on previous years, it looks like the first episode should air on Christmas Day evening on BBC One.

The second episode should then follow a week later, on New Year’s Day.

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What happens in them?

The Christmas episode is billed as Exotic Mammy and sees Father Damian organising a Christmas decoration contest to support the local football team, which Agnes is keen to win against her old enemy Hilliary Nicholson.

However, she’s distracted by a baffling gift of a wi-fi assistant, and elsewhere Cathy is up for a promotion while Buster gets a makeover for an internet date.

New Year’s episode is titled Mammy’s Motel. Agnes and Cathy take in Winnie and Sharon during a tough storm, but find living with them even tougher.

Agnes is asked to give a eulogy for a neighbour that she didn’t know or like, Bono’s 13th birthday is approaching and Buster has a bombshell…

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Will they be the last ever episodes?

Fans of the show might be missing the regular instalments of a full series of Mrs Brown’s Boys, but that doesn’t mean they need to worry about the Christmas specials drying up after this year.

Creator and star Brendan O’Carroll has confirmed that the BBC are expecting festive specials up to at least 2020.

However, he has threatened a heartbreaking ending whenever the BBC do decide to get rid of Mrs Brown, as he plans to kill her off at the end of the final episode.

There is a third season of the chat show All Round to Mrs Brown’s on the cards for 2019, though.

Mrs Brown’s Boys Christmas specials will air on BBC One.

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