Britain's Got Talent 2017 Live Shows: When is it on? Who are the acts? Who has made the final?

As Britain's Got Talent heads into the Live Shows, take a look at what you need to know.

Britain's Got Talent series 11 kicked off its live shows on Bank Holiday Monday (May 29th).

Airing on ITV from 7.30pm every weeknight, it promises to be a crazy week of outrageous, wonderful and wild acts, all hoping to win the public vote and make it to grand final.

The latest batch of talented individuals are trying to emulate the success of 2016 winner, Household Cavalry corporal-turned-magician Richard Jones.

If you're looking for the latest news about the new series, look no further – we’ll keep you informed with all the latest gossip right here.

Semi-Final 4 - Thursday, June 1st at 7.30pm: Who are the acts?

Angelicus Celtis - Choir

John Parnell - Hula-Hoop Artist  

John Parnell

Ryan Tracey - Balloonist

Reuben Gray - Singer And Pianist      

MerseyGirls (Previously known as Just Us) -  Dance Group


Jonny Awsum - Entertainer      

Jonny Awsum

Paws With Soul - Dance Troupe

Paws with Soul

The Pensionalities - Singing Duo

Semi-Final 3 - Who won?

Tokio Myers - Pianist - Finalist

Tokio Myers

London School of Bollywood - Bollywood Dance Troupe  - Eliminated    

David Geaney - Dancer - Eliminated      

Ned Woodman - Stand-up Comedian - Finalist


Martin & Faye - Opera Singing Duo - Eliminated

Jay Wynn - Singing Robot - Eliminated

Sarah Ikumu - Singer - Eliminated


Josephine Lee - Illusionist - Eliminated

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Semi-Final 2 - Who won?

Grace & Ali - Dancing Duo - ELIMINATED

Leah Barniville - Classical Singer - ELIMINATED

Harry Gardner - Singer And Pianist - ELIMINATED

Issy Simpson - Magician - FINALIST

Issy Simpson

TapTastik - Tap Dance Troupe - ELIMINATED

Dizzy Twilight - DJ - ELIMINATED

Destiny Chukunyere - Singer - ELIMINATED

Matt Edwards - Entertainer - FINALIST


Semi-Final 1: Who won?

St Patrick's Junior Choir Drumgreenagh - Choir - ELIMINATED
PC Dan - Dancer - ELIMINATED    
Niels Harder - Magician - ELIMINATED
Kyle Tomlinson -  Singer - FINALIST

Britain's Got Talent

Empire Dance Crew - Dance Troupe - ELIMINATED
DNA -  Mentalists - FINALIST

Britain's Got Talent

Tyrone & Mina - Knife Throwing - ELIMINATED
Miss Treat Vibe - Girl Group - ELIMINATED

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When is the Grand Final?

The eleventh series of Britain’s Got Talent comes to a close on Saturday, June 3rd at 7.30pm with its spectacular live finale.

The lucky winner will be crowned the 11th champion of Britain’s Got Talent, securing a life changing cash prize of £250,000 and a spot at this year’s Royal Variety Performance

The show has moved from its original slot on Sunday, June 4th so that it does not not clash with Ariana Grande's charity concert in Manchester, which is being broadcast on BBC One.

ITV said: "Ariana Grande's 'One Love Manchester' benefit concert is bringing artists and the public together, and will raise funds for the Red Cross's Manchester Emergency Fund.

"ITV and Britain's Got Talent have no desire to distract from this important cause, so we have taken the decision to move the Britain's Got Talent Final from Sunday night."

Britain's Got Talent wildcard twist

In an additional twist this year, at the end of the week there will be a 'Judges Wild Card' allowing the show's judges - Simon, Amanda, Alesha and David - to select one act of their choosing to go through to the live final.

Who are the special guest performers?

Simon Cowell has pulled some strings and guests on the Live Shows will include Fifth Harmony member Camila Cabello, Alfie Boe and Vera Lynn as her very own hologram, the cast from Bat Out of Hell: The Musical, X Factor's 5 After Midnight and BGT reigning champion, magician Richard Jones.

The live Grand Final will include performances from Little Mix and former BGT champs Diversity.

Who are the Golden Buzzer acts?

Each judge picked one act at the auditions who would automatically be placed on the Live Shows and in the Top 40 acts.

Simon Cowell - Sarah Ikumu (Singer)

Simon Cowell's Golden Buzzer Act

David Walliams - Kyle Tomlinson (Singer)

David Walliams Golden Buzzer act

Alesha Dixon - Just Us (Dance Troupe)

Alesha Dixon's Golden Buzzer Act

Amanda Holden - Daliso Chaponda (Comedian)

Amanda Holden's Golden Buzzer Act

Ant and Dec - Matt Edwards (Entertainer)

Ant and Dec's Golden Buzzer Act

When do the live shows start and what time are they on?

The Britain's Got Talent Live Show Semi-Finals air on:

Monday, May 29th - 7.30pm.

Tuesday, May 30th - 7.30pm.

Wednesday, May 31st - 7.30pm.

Thursday, June 1st - 7.30pm.

Friday, June 2nd - 7.30pm.

Britain's Got More Talent follows after the Results Show on ITV2.

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When is Britain's Got Talent back on ITV?

Britain's Got Talent airs every Saturday throughout the spring. Catch up on BT TV via the ITV Hub app.

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What time is Britain's Got Talent on?

The final Britain's Got Talent adudtions air at 8pm on ITV.

Britain's Got More Talent follows on ITV2, hosted for the 11th year in a row by Stephen Mulhern.

Britain's Got More Talent Stephen Mulhern

How do I apply to take part?

You're too late for the 2017 series. Applications closed at the end of 2016. However, there's plenty of time to get your act together for series 12 in 2018.

The Britain's Got Talent judges' auditions began in January in Blackpool - before travelling on to London, Birmingham and Manchester.

The best acts go through to a week of live shows, with the winner appearing at the Royal Variety Performance in December.

Who are the judges on Britain’s Got Talent 2017?

The awesome foursome are back! Simon Cowell, Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden and David Walliams are returning for a fifth consecutive series, having first appeared together in 2012.

1. Simon Cowell - All you need to know

Simon Cowell

The big boss of BGT is back again and the talent show guru will be hoping for some more successful animal acts and popstars to morph into money-making machines. The X Factor may be slowly fading in the ratings, but BGT remains a ratings juggernaut for Cowell.

What are your hopes for this series?

What are my hopes for this series? It’s what we always hope for, to find a star. Hopefully we’ll find something you’ve never seen before. I like the fact that this show is open to anyone, anything. I know this sounds corny but this is a show about making dreams come true. I don’t know who’s going to win, whether it’s an animal or a human, but I like that!

Why does Britain's Got Talent continue to be a success?

I think that’s the good thing about having competition, you have to raise your game and you have to make it clear why it’s more important that you audition for this show than another show, and that’s what you can get out of it.

2. David Walliams - All you need to know

David Walliams

The comedian famously beat Cowell to the Best Judge title at the NTAs two years ago and he's never let his old pal forget about it. Expect more outrageous behaviour, participation with the acts and some eccentric selections from the Little Britain star.

How are you getting on with Simon this year?

Well, Simon seems to have been in a really good mood this year. Sometimes we just spend the whole time winding each other up and being really competitive but this year Stephen Mulhern actually said we’re like brothers this year because we’re actually getting on fine. It’s nice working with the same people for a long period of time because you really get to know each other. It gets very comfortable, we can argue with each other and it doesn’t get personal, that’s important.

When it comes to the contestants, are you looking for talent or entertainment?

I think people often confuse talent for entertainment value. Someone can be hugely entertaining without being necessarily that talented. They’ve come up with an original idea, doing something we’ve never seen before or they are just an entertaining person.

Just another person singing a Whitney Houston song, in the style of Whitney Houston, can be boring because we’ve seen that. Whereas someone who’s a bit madcap and does something you’ve never seen before can be a lot more entertaining. The good thing is we’ve got the audience behind us all the time, it’s interesting looking at them and seeing what is really grabbing them. It’s interesting when someone comes on and has a good voice, does a good, competent version of a pop song, but leaves them cold.

Then someone can come on who’s daft and gets them on their feet. That’s what I like about the show. So, for me, entertainment value is more important.

3. Amanda Holden - All you need to know

Amanda Holden

The only judge to have appeared on every series, Amanda is known for turning on the water works and turning to goo when the child acts come on. However, nobody works for over a decade with Cowell, Piers Morgan and Walliams without being able to hold their own.

Have you cried during auditions this year?

Yes! I’ve cried a lot, as has Alesha. Simon takes the mickey out of us now because he calls it the double teardrop. He makes it a competition between us, whoever does a double teardrop is the winner. It really kills the moment. You’re there thinking, ‘This is amazing! What a fabulous, emotional experience’ and you turn to him and he goes, ‘OK, Alesha won, it’s a double teardrop’.

David ended up on the judging desk with his trousers around his ankles, what happened?

This year I think we have seen a little too much of David. He was doing one of his normal lap dances he does to try and entice Simon over to the other side of the desk, and he dropped his trousers. That was a mistake because he was right next to me when he was doing this. So I thought, ‘If you’re really going to go there David, let’s get everything off’.

So I pulled his pants down! He just saved his modesty, but apparently one of the sound guys said he saw a little too much and has been in therapy ever since!

What are you most looking forward to during the live shows?

This year the live shows are being filmed in a completely different studio. For years we’ve been filming at Wembley, so I’m really excited about changing venues. I think the show isprobably one of the strongest in terms of talent that we’ve ever had.

Have you thought about your outfits?

I haven’t planned them all yet. There are a couple of ideas but we do it later so that it’s after big events like the Oscars, Grammys and BAFTAs to make sure nothing we have picked gets worn before us. I’m getting a lot of stuff made for me.

4. Alesha Dixon - All you need to know

Alesha Dixon

The Strictly winner and former popstar remains one of the most popular entertainers in Britain and her infectious cackle will be back again for another year.

What goes through your mind the night before the auditions start?

The night before the audition tour starts I’m usually really excited to be reunited with everyone because we haven’t seen each other for a while. So there’s excitement but you’re also quite anxious because you’re just praying that you’re going to get some
brilliant talent walk through the door. So the night before there’s always that anticipation, but it’s a great feeling because you know it’s going to be great fun.

What are your hopes for this series?

My hopes for this series are that we find a talent that just stands out by far, more so than anything we’ve seen before. That’s the biggest challenge for us every single year, how can we up our game, surprise the audience and find something that really sparks the imagination or pulls at the heartstrings. We want an act that can go on and have global success. For me, I’m always thinking about the best outcome we could possibly have and it’s to find a winner who can go on and represent our country all around the world in brilliant fashion and keep the show going from strength to strength.

Who's presenting the show?

Once again, Ant and Dec will be your BGT hosts. The Geordies - and OBEs - were reported to be weighing up their options last year, but eventually signed a new deal tying them to ITV for another three years.

Ant and Dec - All you need to know

Ant and Dec

Stephen Mulhern will also be back presenting ITV2 companion show Britain's Got More Talent.

Who are the previous winners?

2007 - Paul Potts

2008 - George Sampson

2009 - Diversity

2010 - Spelbound

2011 - Jai McDowall

2012 - Ashleigh and Pudsey

2013 - Attraction

2014 - Collabro

2015 - Jules O'Dwyer & Matisse

2016 - Richard Jones 

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Britain's Got Talent returns in April on ITV.

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