When is Our Girl back? Is Michelle Keegan returning for the Nigeria Tour? What happened to Luke Pasqualino's Elvis? Who is in the cast?

Catch up on all the latest from the military drama series.

Our Girl has fast become a viewer favourite for BBC One, and we can’t wait to find out what adventures await us in the next series.

Find out all you need to know about the returning drama, who is starring and where it will be set.

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When is Our Girl back on TV?

The four new episodes of Our Girl will return to BBC One from Tuesday, June 5 at 9pm.

Series three of the drama has been split into two parts – the first part aired in autumn 2017 and the concluding episodes are back for the summer.

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Who is starring in the series?

Michelle Keegan is of course back again in the starring role as Corporal Georgie Lane, the central character in the current storylines.

Talking about the tough filming schedule, Michelle said: “It was eight months and I came home in August for just two weeks. It was tough as you miss home and your loved ones but because of the job and the people I was with, we just got on with it. We were all in the same boat and if someone had a bad day, we would just pick them up.”

This time, she will be joined by newcomer Captain “Bones” McClyde, played by Olly Rix, who has taken over as head of Special Forces.

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Although it’s the first time that viewers will see Bones, Olly actually auditioned for a role in a previous series starring Lacey Turner, as he explained.

“Years ago I actually auditioned for Captain James and met Lacey Turner a couple of times to read various scenes,” he said.


“Ben, of course, was a much better choice and the rest is history, but I never had an opportunity to see it after that. I was very aware of it being successful though and it was lovely to have a chance to come into the show in a different capacity and be involved.”


Ben Aldridge is also returning as army boss Captain James, who will be struggling with grief and PTSD in the episodes we are about to see.

What happened to Elvis?

Fans of the show were devastated by the last episode to air, as it included the unexpected death of Georgie’s fiancé Elvis Harte, who was played by Luke Pasqualino.

The character was killed off in a bomb blast and died in Georgie’s arms, shortly after they had reconciled after time apart.

Michelle said we will see her character struggling to adjust to life without Elvis, and she also found it tough filming without Luke.

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She said: “It was really, really strange. Luke and I started on the series at the same time together and it was so odd when he left. It was like a hole and I definitely missed him.

“We literally started the next episode the day after Elvis died. It took a long time for me to adjust as all our storylines were always based around Georgie and Elvis and the ‘will they, won’t they’ situation. So when he wasn’t there, I had to have a different mind-set.

“She still wears his engagement ring around her neck, which was my idea, as she loved him so much and he was the love of her life. I thought it was a nice idea to have a part of him with her at all times.”

Where is Georgie being deployed this time?

This time, we’ll see Georgie and 2-Section taking on new challenges and adventures in Nigeria, Belize and Bangladesh.

Georgie, who has been away for six months grieving, returns to the army to oversee a local women’s health initiative in Nigeria which is close to a village where a group of schoolgirls were abducted.

Filming for the series actually took place in South Africa and Malaysia, and was completed in one block for both parts of series three on location in 2017.

Our Girl returns to BBC One on Tuesday, June 5 at 9pm.

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