When is Sacha Baron Cohen’s Who Is America on Channel 4? What is it about? Who is pranked? How to watch in the UK

The king of prank TV, best known for creating controversial characters Ali G and Borat, and is heading back to our screens.

Sacha Baron Cohen is about to debut his first TV series in nearly 15 years with Who Is America?

The comedian and actor secretly filmed some very high-profile interviews in the US, posing as a number of different characters in order to catch his prey.

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Find out more about who he met and when you can see the series below.

When is Who Is America? on TV?

Who Is America?, the new satirical programme from Sacha Baron Cohen made by Showtime, begins on Monday, July 16 at 10pm on Channel 4.

It is seven episodes long and will air weekly.

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What happens in the series?

It’s been 14 years since Sacha Baron Cohen’s last spoof TV interview series, Da Ali G Show, came to an end.

Since then, he has become a Hollywood superstar with his own films including Borat, Bruno, and The Dictator, as well as roles in Madagascar, Les Miserables, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, and Alice Through the Looking Glass.

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Now, Sacha is heading back to TV with Who Is America?, a series that sees him don various disguises to interview some key US figures and hopefully catch them out on camera.

He will reveal the politics and attitudes of people from across America, from public figures down to the man on the street, at a particularly turbulent time for the nation.

Who does Sacha Baron Cohen interview in Who Is America?

It’s been teased that the series “will explore the diverse individuals, from the infamous to the unknown across the political and cultural spectrum, who populate the unique nation”.

We know that Dick Cheney is one of those duped into an interview, as he appears in the trailer signing a waterboarding kit.

Sarah Palin has also confirmed that she was tricked by Sacha, complaining in a Facebook post that he had posed as a disabled US war veteran for their interview and calling him “evil, exploitative and sick”.

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Conservative radio talk-show host Joe Walsh tweeted that he had been invited to a “pro-Israel dinner” that turned out to be a TV interview.

Bernie Sanders, Ted Koppel, and Howard Dean are also said to be among those that Sacha interviewed whilst in disguise.

It’s not clear yet whether Sacha stayed in character as the same interviewer each time or took on different personas, but we can’t wait to see his new work.

A new character of Sacha Baron Cohen - Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr, PhD - has responded to Sarah Palin’s claim that she was exploited, calling it "FAKE NEWS".

The former Alaska governor and vice-presidential candidate called the comedian “evil, exploitative and sick” in a Facebook post on 

In response to Palin's angry attack on Facebook, Cohen has posted a letter on Twitter. The Billy character runs the fictional, but functioning site,Truthbrary.org.

Who Is America? begins on Monday, July 16 at 10pm on Channel 4.

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