Where is Grantchester filmed? Visit the Cambridgeshire village that inspired the ITV crime drama

As the ITV crime drama series starring James Norton and Robson Green returns to our screens, we take a look at where the series is filmed.

Grantchester, ITV’s popular adaptation of James Runcie’s crime novels, returns to screens this April for its third series.

Set in the 1950s, Grantchester stars Happy Valley’s James Norton as Sidney Chambers, a young vicar who has formed an unlikely friendship with local police inspector Geordie Keating, played by Robson Green of Soldier, Soldier fame. Together the pair investigate a variety of crimes – including gruesome murders – that come their way.

Supporting cast members include Mrs Del Boy, Tessa Peake-Jones, as Sidney’s critical but caring housekeeper and Morven Christie – recently seen in BBC thriller The Replacement – as Amanda, Sidney’s love interest who is still married to another man.

The Christmas special saw Amanda cast out by her family and giving birth to her estranged husband’s child before taking refuge with Sidney in the vicarage.

Grantchester series three’s six episodes are sure to bring more drama and emotional upheaval, as well as new cases for Sidney and Geordie to solve.   

One of added pleasures of Grantchester is its lush, calm English countryside setting. We found out what you need to know about where the series is filmed – and the real location that inspired it.


The Grantchester which inspired the novels on which the series is based is a real place, near Cambridge in the UK. Located on the River Cam, Grantchester is an ancient settlement known for its bucolic charm which has entranced residents and villagers for centuries.

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War poet Rupert Brooke write an ode to the village and its Old Vicarage, which he got to know as a student at King’s College Cambridge and where he lived for a period. The current owners of the Old Vicarage are the author Jeffrey Archer and his wife Mary.

Where is Grantchester filmed?

Granchester the TV series often makes use of the unspoilt surroundings of its real-life counterpart.

“The place has all those kind of clichés, it’s picture-postcard and there really is birdsong in the meadows," star Robson Green told the Radio Times.

“I loved filming there. It’s got a real sense of place and there’s just something, obviously, quintessentially English about Grantchester and Cambridge.”

Grantchester Meadows, which separate Cambridge and Grantchester, are a regular filming location. The Meadows also inspired a Pink Floyd song, as David Gilmour lived in Grantchester at the time.

Some other Grantchester locations which see themselves immortalised on the small screen are the Church of Saint Andrew and Saint Mary; its vicarage and the Blue Ball Inn.  

Locals are often used as extras and the crew dresses the locations to make it appear that time has turned back to the 1950s – yellow lines are covered, street signs changed and suitable props added.

Many scenes inevitably take place in nearby Cambridge so that is another location for filming including King’s Parade.

Grantchester returns at 9pm on Sunday, April 23 on ITV.


Photo credits: KUDOS/ITV, REX/Shutterstock

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