Liar: Where is the Joanne Froggatt ITV drama filmed?

ITV's drama Liar has already thrown up lots of talking points so let us put one thing straight - where was it was made?

New ITV rape drama Liar is one of the most talked about TV shows of 2017.

In the opening episode, teacher Laura (Downton Abbey's Joanne Froggatt) went out on a date with surgeon Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd) and while the evening appears to have gone swimmingly, the next day she claims she was raped. The truth - and who is telling it - has already got audiences hooked. 

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Liar on ITV

But there is also one other, thankfully less traumatic question, that people are also asking. Where was the series filmed?

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Although some scenes, including the opening marshland scenes at Tollesbury in Essex, were shot elsewhere, the majority of the locations are on the east coast of Kent, focusing on the area around Deal, a former mining, fishing and garrison town which in years gone by was one of the country's busiest ports.

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Liar on ITV

The popular seaside resort of Margate also features, as does Walmer, reputedly the first place in Britian where Julius Caesar set foot.

The pebbly beaches of nearby Kingsdown, not far from the White Cliffs of Dover, also feature in the series, and seals have even been seen in the area.

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Liar on ITV

Although it is a picturesque area for walks and rockpools, swimming is not recommended because of strong currents.

Fans of the programme visiting the locations might want to round off their trip with dinner at the town's 18th century seafront hotel, the Royal, where cast members stayed while filming the series. 

The restaurant is famed for its seafood dishes, and is open to non-residents.

The show's co-writer Jack Williams revealed director James Strong's vision: "He had a specific look in mind and a specific vision of a place he wanted it to be.

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“It has to feel specific, but not so specific that it doesn’t feel like it could happen in the world today. It has to feel like a very present thing that can happen anywhere and to anyone."

The marshes that you see in the credit sequences are in Tollesbury on the Essex coast.

And you can visit the lovely looking restaurant at the centre of the story, which is called Jasin's Restaurant. In real life, it's just a cafe which serves soups and sandwiches, rather than the swanky destination for Laura and Andrew's first date. "It’s just a cafe," Jack said. "It’s a pretty nice cafe, but the sandwiches aren’t great."

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