Where is Our Girl filmed? Discover the locations behind the BBC series

All you need to know about the places featured in the military drama.

Our Girl is about to resume duty on BBC One with the second part of series three.

This time, Georgie Lane and 2-Section will be deployed to three new locations as part of their service – but where are they headed and where did the cast film?

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Where is Our Girl set?

The army series on BBC One features tours to various different parts of the world in each of its series, which currently has former Coronation Street star Michelle Keegan playing the lead role.

Series three was split into two parts and the forthcoming four episodes will conclude the series which first aired in 2017.

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These episodes will see Michelle’s character Georgie travel to Nigeria, Belize and Bangladesh.

In Nigeria, the storyline will see Georgie working to support a local women’s project as she struggles to overcome her grief from the death of her fiancé Elvis (Luke Pasqualino) who was killed in a bomb blast.

Where did the programme film the episodes?

Although 2-Section are supposed to be posted in the three distant countries, they actually did all of their filming in completely different parts of the globe.

Michelle and co headed to South Africa and Malaysia to film the episodes, where they also shot the first four episodes of series three which focussed on the aftermath of an earthquake in Nepal and a child-trafficking ring in Afghanistan.

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In series two, when Michelle first joined the drama, her character was deployed in Kenya, and the original series starred EastEnder Lacey Turner as Molly Dawes who was sent to Afghanistan.

What did the cast think of shooting on location?

It sounds as though shooting the series was pretty intense, as it involved months away from home for everyone involved.

Michelle said: “It was eight months and I came home in August for just two weeks. It was tough as you miss home and your loved ones but because of the job and the people I was with, we just got on with it. We were all in the same boat and if someone had a bad day, we would just pick them up.“

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Luckily, they all formed a close bond as she explained: “We’re all mates, you spend so much time together and it’s so intense as you’re working six day weeks. We then also saw each other on our day off. So when we finished it was like going cold turkey! We didn’t know what to do with ourselves. The military advisers told us it was exactly the same in the Army.”

Extremes of temperature also added to the challenges of the job, as all of the stars acknowledged.

Michelle said: “I don’t miss the intense heat, it’s quite unbearable at times but your body does become used to it. As soon as you are in the heat we started sweating from 10 am until the evening. Our T-shirts looked like we’d been in a swimming pool!”

Ben Aldridge, who plays Captain James, agreed: "The jungle was such an experience! It was beautiful but tough. The heat was insane, I was drenched with sweat and was constantly attacked by bugs because of the blood, makeup and prosthetic I had all over me!

"We travelled to work every day on a motorised canoe, pitched up in the jungle and literally made a television show. I definitely got jungle fever but Michelle got me through it. Michelle, Simon Lennon and I also got attacked by monkeys and Michelle left me and saved herself…"

Newcomer Olly Rix plays Bones and added: "It was trying. It’s fine, fun even, when you are in a jungle context and screaming round shooting at enemies or jumping in and out of jungle rivers. But once you’ve got dress uniform on... it can be horrendous!"

Episode 6 preview:

2 Section have the camp on lockdown as Inspector Chowdhrey explains that the refugee route might be being exploited by yaba dealers, a local drug coming over the border from Myanmar. When Georgie meets Maya, a sex worker and yaba addict who is being treated at the clinic, she starts investigations of her own.

Our Girl's final episodes air on Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th July.

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