Where is The A Word filmed? Christopher Eccleston’s Lake District drama returns for series 2

Lee Ingleby and Morven Christie are back in the BBC drama series filmed around stunning and picturesque Keswick and Coniston

BBC One’s moving comedy drama The A Word is back for a second series.

The first series of the hit show, which stars Christopher Eccleston, Lee Ingleby and Morven Christie, was noteworthy for its use of the stunning Lake District locations.

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Every episode begins with the central character, a young school boy with autism named Joe, walking through the beautiful countryside listening to his favourite music.

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The A Word filming locations

In series 2 the story picks up two years on from where we left it and Joe, who is played by Max Vento, is changing.

Now age seven, Max has begun to look at the world and finds he doesn’t fit in.

The six-part drama revisits the funny, messy, mixed-up lives of the Hughes and Scott families as they struggle to do their best as parents, carers and lovers, and to work out what’s really important in the face of nothing ever feeling normal.

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Writer Peter Bowker explains: "'Autistic' is a word Joe has heard but can’t yet understand. Different is what he feels, and fears might be something bad. It's up to the whole family to help Joe make sense of who he is and his place in the world. But to do that, they must first be honest about themselves..."

Talking about the locations that the series was filmed in, Phil McKay from Lakeside Castings of Carlisle, said: “The filming has taken place around Coniston and Keswick. It represents a big chance for local people and it's nice to have a bunch of extras from all walks of life.

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The A Word filming locations

"It's good for them to get involved and have an insight of what's going on in their village. It's positive that the filming went ahead despite the floods that have affected so many people in the county, it gives them a boost.”

Lakeside Castings provided 200 extras for the film.

Speaking about the beautful setting, Christopher Eccleston said: "Filming here has been great. The Lakes obviously give us an extensive backdrop; we don't just want the obvious beauty, we want the full scale and all the different weather. Here, we certainly have had that.

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"We have had a wonderful welcome from the people who live here, which is important to us. People seem to embrace the show because of the issues that are in it.

"We are used to having programmes like this having an urban setting, but an issue like autism touches all members of society. Bringing a child up with autism somewhere like Cumbria has its own set of problems."

The A Word filming locations

The key locations used for filming are Keswick, the Lake Distrcit market town that is surrounded by the stunning mountains of Skiddaw, and Coniston, a Cumbrian village in the Furness region.

The show also shoots scenes in Thirlmere, a reservoir in the Borough of Allerdale.

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Filming has also taken place in Manchester’s Space Project, a specialist filming studio for large productions. The show used the Space Studios Space 04 area, a 360,000 sq ft facility.

The A Word airs Tuesdays at 9pm on BBC One.

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