Where was The Woman In White filmed?

Discover the real-life locations behind the BBC drama.

Brooding, moody scenes abound in BBC One’s adaptation of Wilkie Collins’ The Woman In White.

Viewers may be wondering where the production took place to create such atmospheric shots – read on to find out more about the locations that the cast and crew travelled to.

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Where is The Woman In White set?

The original setting of the mystery thriller is Victorian England, with the tale exploring the tough conditions women faced at the time.

Much of the story is set at Limmeridge House, the Fairlie family home where one of its key characters, Laura Fairlie, has spent her whole life.

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It also takes place in Hampstead Heath where Walter Hartright first encounters the woman in white, a Victorian asylum, and the slums of London.

Limmeridge House's exterior was created using an 18th century house named Florence Court, owned by the National Trust in Fermanagh, while the interior was filmed at Dundarave House. 

The "sinister and dreary" Blackwater Park, the home of Sir Percival was shot at Narrow Water Castle near Warrenpoint, meanwhile, the mental asylum scenes were shot at Belfast's boys school Campbell College.

Where was the BBC adaptation filmed?

The series went on location to Northern Ireland, taking in venues around Belfast to recreate the drama of the countryside and stately home settings.

Executive producer David M Thompson said: “Northern Ireland proved to be the perfect place to film an ambitious period drama such as The Woman In White. The story takes us from Hampstead Heath to an elegant house in Cumbria and then takes a darker turn to Blackwater, a brooding Gothic house, climaxing in the terrifying reality of an insane asylum and the slums of London.

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“We had a wide choice of grand houses, many of which, crucially, have been in the same family for many years and so have not been over-restored.

“The countryside outside Belfast is beautiful, unmarred by development or electricity poles, and its landscapes range from parklands and ancient forests to wide open beaches - everything that we needed to give the story the sweep and epic quality of the original novel.”

What did the cast think of their shooting locations?

Belfast proved a popular choice with the actors cast in the series, who raved about their time filming there.

Ben Hardy, who plays Walter Hartright, said: “Filming in Belfast was a truly special experience. Every location we travelled to was either idyllic countryside or period houses steeped in history.”

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Dougray Scott, who plays Sit Percival Glyde, agreed: “The locations were incredible, some of these places were amazing and unlike any I had seen before. They had the most magnificent architecture and views. Plus, I love Belfast, it is a great city.”

Meanwhile, Jessie Buckley who plays Marian Halcombe commented on the sets: “Some of the sets we stepped onto were mind blowing! God, people are so incredible. Honestly every time I go to work people blow me away with their imagination and talent in every department.”

The Woman in White begins on Sunday, April 22 at 9pm on BBC One.

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Episode 3 preview - Airs April 30th

Sir Percival’s (Dougray Scott) money troubles drive him to try, by increasingly underhand means, to get Laura (Olivia Vinall) to authorise the release of some of her fortune. Anne, who is dying, comes to Blackwater to tell Laura the truth about her husband.

Overheard by Fosco (Riccardo Scamarcio), she arranges a time to meet with Laura when she will reveal Sir Percival’s most terrible secret.

Fosco tips off Sir Percival, who violently confronts Laura. With the two sisters feeling increasingly threatened, Marian (Jessie Buckley) resolves to find out what Fosco and Sir Percival are really plotting.

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