Who is Dr Alex George? Get to know the Love Island contestant and A&E Doctor

Find out more about the hunky doctor joining 2018's Love Island. Find out where he is from, his worst ever Tinder date and more below...

Alex George is a 27-year-old A&E doctor from Wales. He says his medical colleagues gave him their full blessing to go on Love Island and he's already sworn off having sex during his time at the villa.

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Here's everything else we know about Love Island's Dr George so far...

What does Alex think makes him stand out?

dr alex george

Alex seems to be a bundle of energy and admits going on Love Island will be completely different to what he's used to.

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"As a person I am very high-energy, I’m very driven and motivated and the work that I do shows that I like to achieve. I think some people would think I’m crazy coming on Love Island, it’s completely different to working as an A&E doctor but at the end of the day, it’s a great opportunity and I think ‘why not, let’s just go for it!"

What does he consider are his best assets?

He's tall, blonde and handsome and here's what Alex thinks are his best attributes.

"In terms of my personality I am a very good people person, I get on with everyone and I’m caring. I’m aware of what’s going on around me, I’d say that is probably my best feature. I’m very tall. When I was younger, I was shy about being as tall as I am but as I’ve got older I love being tall. I’m six foot three."

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What's Alex's dating history like?

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Alex confesses to having had one serious relationship in the past.

"I had a girlfriend for four years. It ended three years ago. We weren’t friends afterwards but we’ve both moved on. I think she would say I was very loyal and a good boyfriend to her, things didn’t work out, we were young and as we got older we just changed."

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What is the worst date Alex has ever been on?

Alex is no stranger to Tinder dating and even has a Tinder horror story of his own.

"The worst date I had was a Tinder date with a girl who turned up 40 minutes late. She turns up and she had such an attitude, ‘I want this and that’ you could just tell she had an arrogance about herself. It was an absolute turn-off. She only spoke about herself throughout the date. I thought I’d stick it out and was polite and paid the bill but I thought to myself, ‘Think we’ll leave that there".

What does Alex hope to get out of Love Island?

He says he's on Love Island not to find fame but instead one thing only - love.

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"Love of course! It would be nice to meet someone. I’ve been single for three years and I’m going out there to meet someone and see what happens."

Is Dr Alex George on social media?


A post shared by Dr Alex (@adlgeorge1) on

Alex is on Instagram and his handle is @adlgeorge1

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