Who is Iain Lee? Meet the I’m A Celebrity contestant and radio presenter

Controversial radio host and TV presenter Iain Lee is expected to shake up camp when he arrives in the jungle in the next few days.

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! is known for bringing in late contestants to disturb the harmony in the settled camp, and this series will be no exception with two new campers joining the line-up.

Radio and TV presenter Iain Lee is one of those expected to make his jungle debut during the first week of the contest, and he’s reportedly being brought in to add some straight talking to the mix.

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Find out more about Iain and where you might have seen him before as he prepares to enter camp.

What is Iain Lee known for?

Iain’s current main role is as the presenter of The Late Night Alternative programme on talkRADIO, where he is known for being outspoken and not holding back his opinions.

He was at the centre of a radio row in 2015 when, on his BBC Three Counties show, he argued with a lawyer from Christian Concern about her views being homophobic and was dropped by the broadcaster. Iain said that he hadn’t breached editorial guidelines and was “flabbergasted” by the whole thing.

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Iain’s radio career has also included jobs at Xfm, LBC and Absolute Radio.

What else has he done?

Back in 1998, Iain launched Channel 4 satirical comedy The 11 O’Clock Show with Mackenzie Crook and Daisy Donovan. The programme featured comedians Sacha Baron Cohen and Ricky Gervais who went on to become huge stars in their own right.

Iain also spent time fronting Channel 4 breakfast show RI:SE with Kate Lawler and has been involved with various Big Brother spin-offs such as the radio show and appearances on the Bit on the Psyc psychology programme.

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He has also provided the voiceover for Channel 5’s video clip comedy show series with credits including Cats, Dogs, Pets, Toddlers, and Christmas Makes You Laugh Out Loud.

Who is Iain Lee

Date of birth: 9th June 1973

Phobias: I am terrified of everything.

Missing any special occasion: My radio show.

Role in the camp: Definitely not the cook. I will be the worker who mucks in with everything.

Miss most: My family, iPod and my radio programme.

Dream camper: Pete Townsend or The Monkeys.

Relationship status: Married.

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In his own words

Late night talkRADIOpresenter Iain Lee insists he definitely doesn’t mind the basic rations in camp because he’s hoping to lose a couple of stone whilst taking part on this year’s I’m A Celebrity.

The former host of the 11 O’Clock Show also thinks it’s the perfect opportunity to do something really funny and ridiculous for his two children, aged seven and five.

“I’ve been asked before but the timing has never been right,” he explains. “But this time, I decided it was. I am 44, my kids are seven and five and they haven’t really seen me on the telly. They don’t know what Daddy used to do. They will find it funny watching me.”

“Another reason for doing it is I have put on quite a lot of weight over the last couple of years. Being a parent, you pick food off your kids’ plates. This is an opportunity to lose weight. I want to lose a couple of stone whilst I am there. I am fine with not eating much. Bring it on.”

But the radio star reveals his children will only find out he is going on the programme when they tune in to watch. “I told them I was going away for a couple of weeks with work,” he explains. “I couldn’t tell them because they are seven and five. It would have been all over the playground.”

“When I told my wife, she thought it was ridiculous but wished me luck.” 

And whilst he can’t wait to be on one of the biggest shows in Britain, Iain readily admits he is “absolutely terrified” of every bug, creepy crawly and snake.

“This is all my worst nightmares coming hurtling towards me all at once,” he says. “I am terrified of everything. I am a very lazy cowardly man who has spent the last 44 years being safe and comfortable who has not got involved in any risk whatsoever. Now I am going in the Jungle, I am feeling nervous.”

“Absolutely none of the trials appeal to me. I don’t want to be buried underground with loads of snakes on me. But I will give everything a go. I am going do the best of my ability… This is a nice opportunity to do some really silly stuff.”

Reflecting on the kind of role he will play around the campfire, Iain wants to muck into everything. “I am going to do all the jobs,” he adds. “I don’t mind tidying, cleaning the toilet - I am going to be the worker in there. I would also like to think I am going to be the lukewarm water in between the fire and ice of the different personalities.”

But his fellow campmates should be prepared for a few arguments. “I might stir things up,” he confides. “I do like a good argument. If someone is being an idiot, I will tell them so. It’s all panto, that’s the thing. Some people don’t get that. They get too serious.”

So how is he preparing for his stint in the Jungle?

“I’ve been preparing for everything by meditating a lot,” he reveals. “I am going to do that in the jungle. If you see me walk off to sit on my own I am having a good meditation. It calms me down and it will make me more relaxed.”

Aside from being away from his family, Iain thinks the fact he won’t be able to listen to his IPod will be tough. “I am going to miss my iPod and being able to listen to a podcast, music or audio book. I love listening to the radio.”

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“How will I cope with boredom? Anyone under 35 will suffer but everyone over 35 will thrive on it.

The 70s and 80s were boring. I would say I have been bored for about 22 years of my life,” he laughs.

As for whether he thinks he can win the show, the 44-year-old reckons he may actually come last.

“Winning isn’t going to happen,” he declares. “I will either be last or I will win. But realistically I am not going to win. I am going in the Jungle to meet some nice people and I may even start a bromance with someone.”

“I also think it will be nice for people to see I have grown up. A lot of people will remember me from the 11 O’Clock show and I was 24 back then. I was brash, rude and filthy. I was playing a character. I am not that guy they might remember from 20 years ago."

I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! continues at 9pm on ITV.

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