Who is Josh Denzel? Meet the Love Island contestant and social media host

The villa is set for more romance with the arrival of a new contestant.

After just a week on air, Love Island has added a handful of new singles to the mix with Megan Barton Hanson, Josh Denzel and Charlie Frederick all searching for romance.

Here’s everything you need to know about Josh Denzel.

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Who is Josh Denzel?

Josh Denzel is a 26-year-old social media host from North London who entered the Love Island villa a week after its launch.

Will Josh put mates before dates?

“I am a bit of a boys’ boy. I’ve got about 15 boys in my friendship group and no girls so I’m definitely a lads’ lad. If I’m finding love, I wouldn’t want to let too much get in the way.”

What’s his biggest worry about becoming a Love Islander?

“My only worry would be that no one would fancy me! That’s not an ideal situation. I’ll end up looking a bit of a lemon sat by the pool by myself crying into my water bottle…”

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Who is 100% his type on paper?

“First of all love, but someone who I can get along with, who I look forward to seeing every single day. Someone who gets me and who I can have a bit of banter with as well. I miss being in love and I miss the affection.”

What is the exciting job Josh left to look for love?

“I’m a presenter for a large online sports media brand and they have huge platforms on social media. I’m the face of that so I get to hang out with my favourite sportsmen, whether it be Anthony Joshua, the England Rugby team, football lads.

“I’ve played football with Harry Kane, Carl Walker, I interview a lot of footballers. Anthony Joshua once put me in a headlock for having a terrible haircut!”

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