Who is Miranda Richardson? Sue Thackery in ITV's Girlfriends and Blackadder, Harry Potter actress

The English actress reveals all about her character in Kay Mellor's new ITV drama.

Miranda Richardson is a BAFTA and Golden Globe-winning actress who shares the screen currently with Phyllis Logan and Zoe Wanamaker in ITV's drama series Girlfriends.

She is best known for her performances in Blackadder, Harry Potter, Damage, Fatherland and Tom & Viv.

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Richardson got Academy Award nominations for Damage (1992) and Tom & Viv (1994) and won the Best Supporting Actress BAFTA for her performance in Damage. Her Golden Globes were for 1992's Enchanted April and TV film Fatherland.

Her other films CV includes  Empire of the Sun, The Crying Game, Sleepy Hollow, Chicken Run, The Hours, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Made in Dagenham and Stronger.

Richardson played the classic comedy charactrer Queen Elizabeth I, aka Queenie, in the British television comedy Blackadder II.

In 2008, she was one of the lead cast in AMC's critically acclaimed Rubicon.

She has never married and has no children.

Who is Sue Thackery?

Glamorous and successful Sue is married to her high-powered job as a bridal magazine editor, but actual marriage still eludes her. Sue met her business partner John (Anthony Head) over 30 years ago and together they started a bridal magazine ‘Adorable’. Sue has committed a large part of her life to ‘Adorable’ magazine, sacrificing friendships and family to make it the success it is today. She’s also committed a large part of her life to John himself – they’ve been lovers for the past 30 years and Sue adores him and the glamorous life they have together, despite his marriage to his wife Beth and his reluctance to leave her.

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Working in the media, Sue is very aware of her age and works hard to maintain her appearance. She’s a fierce businesswoman and is outspoken about the value of her years of experience, she just wouldn’t want anyone to ever mention any specific numbers.

Sue met her best friends Linda (Phyllis Logan) and Gail (Zoë Wanamaker) when she was in her twenties and they’ve been friends ever since. Working long hours and bringing up her son Andrew (Philip Cumbus) has meant she hasn’t seen them as much as she might have wanted to, but she knows they’re always there if she needs them.

Miranda Richardson talks Girlfriends


What attracted you to Girlfriends?

“Number one, Kay has a very strong back catalogue of work and she is particularly strong on women and writing for women, across the demographic, so that’s always exciting. I think it’s smart to write for this generation, or this age, generally, but women of middle years and upwards, have an accumulation of experience and stuff going on, connections, responsibilities, things they want to do in life.”

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Tell us about our three main characters Linda, Sue and Gail…

“Broadly speaking, Sue is - to use a colloquial phrase - the poshest of the three. She is solid, middle-class and a rather genteel mother.

Sue - bad joke - I would say is like Cleopatra: she’s in denial because she thinks she’s got everything and on paper she, sort of, has. She’s kind of, free of commitment, but she’s got a long-term partner who she is still extremely keen on. She has a son, who’s doing very well in his law firm, she has a great job and all the accoutrements of a successful woman

Linda is the slightly more romantic and, dare I say, hippy, of the three but imaginative and dreamy.

Gail is the sort of, secret naughty one, in a way. You know, Gail - when we meet her - is somebody who apparently won’t say ‘Boo’ to a goose and is fearful of everything but then when you get in the midst of the situation, she is the one who shows the initiative or is the first person to speak.”

What has it been like working with Phyllis and Zoë?

“Working with Zoë and Phyllis is a gift really. It’s just not difficult, not difficult at all.”


Do you have life-long girlfriends?

“Yes, I do and I’m lucky. Your girlfriends, who have stayed with you throughout your life are extremely important. It’s the people that you feel, if you had to, you could ring up in the middle of the night, you know, and say, ‘What do I do about this? I have no idea. Help.’”

Why should people watch Girlfriends?

“I think people will enjoy watching Girlfriends because they are about three very different, but connected, characters who all have rather interesting journeys and have complicated lives… and I think there will be something that everybody can relate to in at least one of those characters.”

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