Who is Morven Christie? 5 things you never knew about the A Word star

The actress returns to her starring role in the BBC drama.

Heartwarming family drama returns to BBC One this November as The A Word returns for a second series.

Morven Christie stars as a mum whose son has been diagnosed as autistic, forcing them to navigate a new world where the young boy finds himself at odds with the way that everyone else sees things.

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How much do you know about the actress? Find out some little-known facts about her right here.

She dropped out of school at 15

Scottish actress Morven has said she had trouble fitting in at secondary school because her middle class family had moved to a Glasgow council estate, ostracising them at both ends of the social spectrum.

At 15, she secretly stopped going to school. She would dress in her uniform every day, but stay at home once her parents went out. Truancy officers noticed her absence after 87 days and her parents fought for her to be able to sit her exams. Morven then left school at 16.

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She didn’t have a straightforward route into acting

After leaving school behind, Morven didn’t go straight into treading the boards. Instead, she spent time working as a ski instructor, waitressing, and began a course in film production and journalism.

Eventually, realising she wanted to become an actress, she started studying drama in Edinburgh and then switched to a drama school in London having had no prior experience in school plays or clubs.

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She thinks UK TV needs to tell fewer posh tales

Morven told The Guardian: “On a casting level there’s somehow a belief that working class actors can’t play out of their class, whereas middle-class or privately educated actors can do anything. I still think, ultimately, in this country we’re telling a lot of stories about posh people. I get it, it sells really well to the American market, but we have to start representing other stories.”

She’s not afraid to play unlikeable characters

The A Word viewers will know that Morven’s character Alison can be very prickly, and she’s also played tough characters in maternity cover thriller The Replacement and sitcom Twenty Twelve.

She told The Telegraph: “I play women that a lot of people think of as absolute bitches. But that’s not who they are to me – they are proper reflections of real women. I’ve never wanted to play the pretty girlfriend prop role because that’s just completely patronising in my mind.

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“Women are complicated – they can be strong, tough, soft, smart, challenging and everything rolled into one. We’re not always nice and smiley, or the sexual fantasy – I’m definitely not.”

She’s starring in a flagship BBC Christmas show

Look out for Morven in a BBC period drama this festive season.

She’s been cast in a big-budget Christmas adaptation of the Agatha Christie tale Ordeal By Innocence, set in Christmas 1954 when a wealthy philanthropist has been murdered and her adopted son has been arrested, although he is adamant that he was not responsible.

Morven will star alongside Bill Nighy, Anna Chancellor, Alice Eve and Eleanor Tomlinson.

The A Word returns on Tuesday, November 7 at 9pm on BBC One.

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