Who is Rosie Marcel? Learn more about Holby City's Jac Naylor

Jac Naylor is Holby's resident femme fatale - but how much do you know about the actress who plays her and where you might have seen her away from the wards.

The BBC’s medical drama Holby City is now in its 19th series and its popularity is showing no signs of waning.

Devised as a spin-off from sister show Casualty, it airs once a week, all year round, and focuses on the lives and work of the staff at the fictional Holby City Hospital.

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For more than a decade, one of its main characters has been cardiothoracic surgeon Jac Naylor, played by actress Rosie Marcel. Here’s everything you need to know about Rosie – and Jac.

What is the character Jac Naylor like?

Jac arrived at Holby in 2005 as a registrar; she’s now Director of Cardiothoracic Surgery.

Driven and single-minded, Jac is a political animal who wants power as well as recognition for her surgical skills – and is perfectly willing to hurt others to achieve her goals. It is suggested that her mindset stems from the hurt she felt when her mother abandoned her at the age of 12.

Rosie Marcel as Jac Naylor. Photo credit: BBC

Early in her Holby career she was involved in a love triangle with colleague Joseph and his father, Lord Byrne – eventually choosing the older man as a way of achieving status and a better job at the hospital. She’s attacked an abusive patient, got shot, was (wrongfully) accused of murder, and had spiky relationships – to say the least – with most of her colleagues.

What else have I seen Rosie Marcel in?

The daughter of an actress and a TV director, Marcel was only three when she first appeared on stage, playing a fairy in a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the National Theatre. She had a regular role in the children’s series Press Gang aged 12 and also appeared in The Bill, a show she would return to as recurring character Louise Larson in 2005.

She also played the daughter of Ray Brooks and Sharon Duce in the sitcom Growing Pains; her first roles as an adult were in The Secret World of Michael Fry (alongside Ewen Bremner) and sitcoms Days Like These and Time Gentlemen Please.

She made her name playing PC Kirsty Morgan in three series of gritty police show The Vice, alongside Ken Stott and David Harewood, from 2001 to 2003. Since making her first appearance in Holby City she was also cast as Gunner Stacey Dawes in army drama Bombshell, but this remains unbroadcast in the UK.

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What else should I know about Rosie Marcel?

It’s fair to say that Marcel has had times of serious ill health. At 20 she was diagnosed with with endometriosis, and it was also discovered that she had a version of the blood clotting disorder haemophilia.

Six years later, she developed rare condition Behcet's disease which left her almost bed-bound for two years. Then in 2008 she was diagnosed with cervical cancer, which had advanced to her pelvis; fortunately, this was able to be negated by laser treatment, without any need for surgery.

She’s also a black belt in karate, and loves water-skiing and bungee jumping. She’s married to gym owner Ben Stacey, and the couple have a daughter named Beau, born in 2015.

Holby City currently airs on BBC One every Tuesday at 8pm.

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