Who is starring in Innocent? Meet the cast of the new ITV drama

All you need to know about the cast and characters of the gripping new murder mystery.

Innocent is the latest drama series coming to ITV, with an addictive storyline about a man who says he was wrongly accused of his wife’s murder.

David has just been released from prison on a technicality after serving seven years for wife Tara’s murder, which everyone apart from his brother Phil believes he was responsible for.

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But as David protests his innocence and tries to rebuild his life, will he be able to prove who did kill Tara?

Read on to find out more about the programme’s cast and characters.

David – Lee Ingleby

Lead character David is a man full of rage who is trying to deal with having lost seven years of his life as well as his wife, his children, his home and all of his money. When he is let out of prison on a technicality, simply being a free man isn’t enough – he is driven to find his wife Tara’s real killer and discover how and why he was framed for murder.

David is played by Lee Ingleby, who said: “David is angry and upset that people who were close to him have been against him and weren’t prepared to listen to his point of view. So when he comes out of prison he wants to confront those people.

“David lost both his wife and, after being convicted, his children. He has had a lot of time to reflect on that. He then thought he was probably going to spend the rest of his life inside. And suddenly he is freed. So with that comes a whole different thought process for him.

“Even if you are innocent, sometimes the damage has been done already. There is always that suspicion hanging over David. It’s hard to regain people’s trust.”

Viewers will recognise Lee from his starring roles in TV series The A Word, Inspector George Gently, Line of Duty and Our Zoo. He also voices Bob in the children’s series Bob the Builder.

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Alice – Hermione Norris

Tara’s sister Alice is completely convinced that her brother-in-law is a killer and is devastated by his release. Alice and her husband Rob are unable to have children so taking custody of their niece and nephew has been incredibly important to them. They’re also living off the proceeds of David’s estate, which has given them a much more comfortable life.

Hermione Norris said: “Alice has no doubt David is responsible for the murder. She knows there was trouble between them and he had violent tendencies. Alice is doing everything she can to protect the children.

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“Alice is totally shocked and very angry in the court when David is released. She fears she will lose her life. Because the children are her life. And with him acquitted, what does that mean? She still believes he killed her sister. So Alice is devastated when he walks free. That he could be released on a technicality.”

The actress is best known for her role as Karen in Cold Feet, and has also starred in Spooks, Wire in the Blood, Kingdom and In the Club.

Rob – Adrian Rawlins

Alice’s husband Rob is equally keen to keep the children in their lives, but takes a more measured approach than she does. He seeks legal advice on blocking David’s custody case, but are the couple hiding a deeper secret about their relationship with Tara?

Adrian Rawlins starred in the Harry Potter films as James Potter, and also featured in TV series Dickensian.

DI Cathy Hudson – Angel Coulby

As the assistant detective in the murder case, DI Hudson is determined to find out what really happened to Tara. But her discoveries could have wide-reaching consequences for everyone involved, including her own colleagues.

Angel Coulby starred in The Tunnel and Merlin, and voices various characters in the revamped Thunderbirds Are Go.

DCI William Beech – Nigel Lindsay

The original investigation saw David put away by DCI Beech, so if it turns out that he had the wrong man all along, there could be serious implications for the detective’s career.

Nigel Lindsay plays Sir Robert Peel in Victoria and has also featured in The Tunnel, Unforgotten, and the film Four Lions.

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Phil – Daniel Ryan

David’s brother Phil is the only person to have stuck by him throughout his murder conviction ordeal. He is thrilled at his brother’s release, although it leaves David financially reliant on him because his own assets have been handed over to his in-laws.

Daniel Ryan has starred in TV series Mount Pleasant and Home Fires.

Tom Wilson – Elliot Cowan

Why did David’s friend Tom retract his alibi for the night of Tara’s murder just before he was due to give evidence? It seems that Tom is sitting on a big secret as characters and viewers become more suspicious about his actions.

Elliot Cowan starred in the TV series Da Vinci’s Demons and Lost in Austen.

Chief Supt Hillman - Tony Gardner

Ton Gardner - My Parents Are Aliens star in Innocent

After the first case against David Collins falls apart, the police force face extra scrutiny and Chief Supt Hillman is under pressure to do everything by the book second time around. 

Played by Tony Gardner, most famous for his kids TV role as Brian in My Parents are Aliens, the actor joked on Twitter about the amount of comments from fans of his CITVrole.

Gardner has also starred in Jack Dee sitcom Lead Balloon, Channel 4's Dead Meat, Last Tango in Halifax, BBC Thee war comedy Bluestone 43 and The Thick Of It as Dan Miller MP>

Innocent airs on ITV over four consecutive nights, starting from Monday May 14.

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