Would Suranne Jones do Strictly Come Dancing? 7 things you didn’t know about the Scott & Bailey actress

The former Coronation Street star has just had her first child and began acting when she was eight years old.

Suranne Jones is one of the country’s most in-demand actresses.

After leaving Karen behind on the Coronation Street cobbles in 2004, the Scott & Bailey actress has gone on to have the lead roles in huge dramas such as The Crimson Field, Doctor Foster and The Secret of Crickley Hall.

Ahead of the new series of the ITV detective drama starting this week, here are seven things you might not have known about the Oldham-born star…

1. She co-created Scott & Bailey

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Not just a fantastic actress, Suranne also came up with the idea for the programme with fellow actress Sally Lindsay. The idea was then passed on to Sally Wainwright. Suranne explains that she doesn’t have any control over the show anymore.

“The idea was born by myself and Sally Lindsay, and still, to this day, I hold fast with Rachel and can be very protective of her because I think that's the thing that did survive,” she explained.

“Being close to it sometimes isn't always great because you go, 'Oh, what about Rachel? What about Rachel?' But I think it's good.”

2. She’s just had her first child

Suranne Jones

The 37-year-old wed magazine editor Laurence Akers in August 2015, and the pair have just welcomed their first child, a son.

Speaking about her pregnancy earlier this year, Suranne said: “Me and my husband are so thrilled. We've been married nearly a year and a half now, and yes what a wonderful way to move our marriage on. We're dying to celebrate the newcomer!”

3. She started acting when she was eight

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Suranne explained that her parents sent her to try all sorts of hobbies when she was a child, but nothing compared to when she had a go at acting.

“I tried violin, recorder, tap dancing, ballroom... all sorts,” she says. “Nothing captured my imagination really until, when I was eight, I was taken to Oldham Theatre Workshop and I loved it, partly because I really had to concentrate.

“The greatest thing it taught, though, was discipline. You had to turn up on time, know your stuff, work hard – or someone else would get your part. They were tough on us, but it was a fantastic grounding.”

4. She admits she was “quite impressionable” when she was younger  

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Suranne explains that within three weeks of joining Coronation Street, she found herself “in Barbados doing a bikini shoot”.

"Then there was FHM and Loaded. I was quite impressionable and I'd just say yes to everything because I wanted to keep my job,” she says. “The press officer is saying: 'Do this and you'll be the new young funky sexy girl’. We were all doing it at that time, but I realised quite quickly that I needed to concentrate on what I was doing.

“When I'm 90, I'll be able to say, 'Yeah, look at me.'"

5. She won’t be taking part in Strictly Come Dancing anytime soon…

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Sadly, we won’t be seeing Suranne take to the ballroom in the near future. Or the jungle, for that matter. Asked whether she would consider taking part in Strictly or I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!, Suranne said: “I watch them all, but I just don't want to be me on telly!”

6. She hardly ever relaxes…

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But that isn’t because she can’t. Instead, Suranne says she loves her work so much she doesn’t feel the need to get away!
Asked how she relaxes, Suranne says: “Seeing family, including my two nephews. Massages and facials are my go-to remedies for stress. To be honest I was brought up with a great work ethic and have been lucky that I enjoy my work so much I don’t have to look for loads of ways to relax.”

7. She is a bit of a method actor!

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While researching for her role in Doctor Foster, Suranne says that she watched a series on Channel 5 called GPs Behind Closed Doors – and even visited patients while they were having appointments!

“I had a sense that Gemma was a pillar of the community, so I went to a GP surgery and sat in on a consultation,” she explained. “I was the mad actress writing notes in the corner while people were opening up and having blood tests or doing pee samples! I felt very awkward.”

Scott & Bailey airs at 9pm on Wednesday April 13 on ITV.

Photo credit: PA/ITV

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