Abi Branning accuses sister Lauren of never loving Steven Beale in EastEnders

The sisters have a blazing row in Monday’s episode.

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Last updated:10 September 2017 - 12.10am

EastEnders’ Lauren Branning delivers a stinging slap to her sister Abi after the death of her fiance Steven Beale, new pictures show.

Abi was left reeling on Friday’s episode after it revealed Beale was the casualty of the fire in Albert Square.

He died in hospital seconds after learning Abi (Lorna Fitzgerald) was pregnant with his baby and declaring his love for her.

Beale (Aaron Sidwell) had been lying to Lauren (Jacqueline Jossa) and his family about having a brain tumour to trap her in an engagement.

In Monday’s episode emotions are high for the Branning family as the sisters both struggle to deal with his death.

With Abi desperate to keep her secret and the hatred for her sister bubbling away, Abi accuses Lauren of never loving Steven, leading Lauren to slap her.

Lauren and Abi Branning (Jack Barnes/BBC)

Sidwell bowed out of the soap on Friday night and thanked fans for all their support.

He wrote: “Amazing 10 year period of my life. Thank you @bbceastenders and Steven Beale.”

The confrontation between the Branning sisters airs on EastEnders September 11 at 8pm.

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