Christmas in Coronation Street: 7 shocking seasonal spoilers

Sudden departures, surprise returns, romance and heartbreak - here’s what’s coming up on Corrie this Christmas.

It wouldn’t be Christmas on Coronation Street unless there was a romance, a rover's return and heartbreak – and this year promises to deliver all three.

Here are 7 things to expect this Christmas on Corrie.

1. Todd to leave the Street with Summer

todd grimshaw

Bruno Langley, who has played Todd Grimshaw since 2001, has left the soap permanently after being accused of - and pleading guity to - accusations of sexual assault. Before the accusations emerged, Todd was supposedly part of an epic Christmas storyline involving the exposure of his partner Billy’s dark past, but the Corrie writers have been forced to rewrite this to accomodate his sudden departure.

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So just how will Todd exit the Street? Rumours were swirling that Todd will be serial killer Phelan’s latest victim – all in time for Christmas Day.

However, it has just been revealed that in fact Todd will leave Corrie with Summer, the daughter his partner Billy Mayhew desperately wanted to adopt. Upon Peter's encouragement (who wants them out of the way so he can get rid of Billy for good) Todd will leave Weatherfield with Summer in tow.

Leaving a note for Billy, it will explain that he wants to get away from it all until the recent drama of Billy's dark past being exposed dies down. But will Billy ever see this letter? If the Barlow's have anything to do with it...likely never.

2. Tracy and Steve to reunite

tracy barlow

Corrie producer Kate Oates has confirmed that Tracy and Steve will reunite by Christmas. Parents to daughter Amy Barlow, they’ve hardly seen eye-to-eye in the past and have had some epic feuds and fall-outs.

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But as the nights get darker and lonelier, these two love-cursed Street residents will find themselves back in one another’s arms. Kate remained mum on whether it would be a permanent re-coupling, but did say that a lot of humour would be involved. 

3. Carla Connor to return - and have a shock fling?

carla connor corrie return

Carla will definitely be back on the Street for Christmas. The infamous businesswoman played by Alison King has been a major Corrie character since her first appearance in 2006 but hasn't been seen on the Cobbles since May 2016. Bold, brassy and troubled, we can only imagine she’ll shake things up on her return.

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Kate Oates has revealed that Carla will return a very different person to when she left: she's set to be feistier than ever, and an initial storyline will involve her butting heads with traditional best friend Michelle Connor. And in a perhaps even more startling storyline, Carla is also set to have an affair with none other than Daniel Osbourne. This unlikely pairing is bound to rock the Street...most especially Carla's ex husband and Daniel's half-brother Peter Barlow...

4. Billy to die?

billy mayhew peter barlow

We’ve just found out the details of vicar Billy Mayhew’s murderous past: he is responsible for the death of none other than Susan Barlow – Ken's daughter, Peter's twin sister and the mother of Adam Barlow.

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Kate hinted to the Radio Times that this revelation may be exposed to the Barlows just in time for Christmas:

“As we’ve just seen on screen, he was actually responsible for the death of Susan Barlow. And let’s just say that this particular secret could well spread down to Number One.”

And preview images show that Peter, upon hearing the shocking revelations on the culprit of his sister's death, will take matters into his own hands and try to kill Billy.

While Billy will surive Peter's murder attempt, he will end up in hospital in a coma. What's more, inside Corrie sources have spilled that Billy will go into cardiac arrest over the Christmas period, potentially killing him off...

5. Toyah questions her relationship with Peter

toyah battersby

It was last Christmas that we discovered that Toyah, Leanne Battersby’s stepsister, was Peter Barlow’s secret lover.

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Now living together, the couple had been desperately trying to conceive with the help of IVF, only for Toyah to be left devastated when she was told by her doctor this summer that she’d likely never conceive. 

Having given up on IVF treatment and dating recovering alcoholic Peter, Kate said “Toyah frets about her relationship with Peter” over the holidays.

And with Peter confessing to Ken that he's "killed" Billy Mayhew, if Toyah finds out we have a funny feeling this will do little to calm her cold feet...

6. Brian will face arrest

brian packham

According to Kate, Corrie fan favourite Brian Packham will “face arrest”. The typically amicable character may be a tad eccentric, but we’ve never known him to stray too far from the law. We have no word yet on why he could be in trouble but we can’t wait to find out what he's been up to!

7. A romance for Craig and Bethany – finally?

bethany platt corrie

Bethany Platt has had the year from hell, going through her sex abuse ordeal and now about to find out that her one-time crush and now her mum’s boyfriend Gary Windass may not have died but has impregnated Nicola Rubinstein – we 100% think she deserves a happy Christmas. 

As we know, Craig Tinker is not only a lovely chap but he’s also been pining away for Bethany for what now seems like years. Will the two finally get together? Kate said romance is definitely on the cards.

“In news that should gladden the heart of even the most Scrooge-like curmudgeon – Bethany will embark on a tentative romance with Craig. Glad tidings indeed!”

Coronation Street continues on ITV Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 7.30pm.

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