Chuckle Brothers had a 'brilliant' time at Bestival and can't wait to do it again

We catch up with The Chuckle Brothers after their “brilliant” show at Bestival 2015.

Press Association
Last updated: 14 September 2015 - 10.17am

The Chuckle Brothers have said their show at Bestival yesterday was the “biggest crowd” they had performed in front of.

Speaking after their appearance at the Summer Of Love festival, the lovable comedy duo said it was a “brilliant” experience and the audience clapping them on made them feel like they were walking out onto a Freddie Mercury concert.

Paul Chuckle said: “It was wonderful, there was actually a lot more people there than go to see Rotherham United, our team.”

Their 20-minute show in a packed tent included a rendition of their catchphrase “to me, to you” transformed into a a dance remix.

And old habits clearly die hard, as the pair couldn’t resist slipping into the back-and-forth even during their interview!

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