Corrie adds extra weekly episode from September 20 - kicking off with Eva's double-wedding drama

Viewers will enjoy three double bills of Coronation Street each week now that an extra half-hour will be added on Wednesday nights.

Can't get enough of Coronation Street? Corrie fans can rejoice as they're about to get an extra half -hour from Weatherfield every week.

ITV has announced that as of Wednesday September 20, there will be an extra midweek episode of Coronation Street, with double-bills every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7.30pm and 8.30pm.

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The first midweek double is being billed as 'Double WEDnesday' as it will kick off in dramatic fashion with the double weddings of Aidan to Eva and Jenny to Johnny.

Coronation Street producer Kate Oates has promised a shocking, stunt-filled double wedding in which Eva and Maria will eventually end up duking it out in the wedding venue’s fountain.

The extra half-hour will allow many more huge storylines to unravel. This includes Rita Tanner’s dwindling health and Michelle making a terrifying discovery about her stalker.

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What’s more, comedian Jim Moir - aka Vic Reeves - will be joining the cobbles as Colin Callen, the organiser of the Mr and Mrs Quiz for which Norris and Mary have married in the hope of winning.

Kate said more studio space has been built in preparation for the extra episode, and executive producer Kieran Roberts said that more than a year's work has gone into planning a sixth weekly show.

“Getting ready to deliver our extra weekly episode has taken our amazing team more than a year of hard work on everything from story-lining to studio building," he said.

"Now we're thrilled to be launching our extra weekly episode on Wednesday 20 September, at the heart of a truly unmissable week of high drama, high emotion and heart-warming comedy.”

Coronation Street will return at 7.30pm on ITV.

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