Coronation Street spoilers: Freedom for Andy?

When Phelan crashes his van, Andy seizes the moment to escape.

Last updated: 10 September 2017 - 10.22am

Faye and Seb have done a runner, and Anna is even more stunned when she sees what state he's living in with his twin siblings.

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Meanwhile, it looks like Phelan's nefarious activities may be discovered when he bundles Andy into his van... and crashes. With Pat out cold, his reluctant cellar dweller makes a run for it, while a gloriously oblivious Eileen and Nicola head for Pat's house of horrors for a look around.

coronation street spoilers

Over at the Rovers, Jacqui, the surrogate, calls in for her meeting with Peter and Toyah, and turns on her heel when Jon from the brewery causes a scene over Barlow's alcoholism and Steve and Leanne's love child.

Psycho Will lets himself into Robert's flat and flicks through some snaps of Michelle, while Gary considers yet another Ukrainian job. And would you Adam and Eva it? With their closeness raising Maria's suspicions, you wonder how long it will be before Ms Price's fake pregnancy is exposed.

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