Corrie spoilers: Eva's guilt grows and Gemma is arrested

Eva wants to call her epic revenge plan off and fan favourite Gemma is arrested for wrecking Rita's shop...

Last updated: 13 August 2017 - 09.03am

Is Eva really cut out to be scheming and manipulative? It seems not.

As Aidan coos over the scan photo, she tells Leanne how guilty she feels about deceiving him and has decided to call off her revenge plan.

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She then approaches Adam who, for once, doesn't try to turn the situation to his advantage - instead, it appears he has genuine sympathy and feelings for her. He does, however, blot his copybook later by trying to kiss her.

gemma coronation street

Gemma's world is turned upside down by the arrival of some old friends. Initially she's thrilled to see them, but things soon turn awry when they enter the closed but unlocked Cabin and wreck the place - leaving Gemma to face the music. She's eventually arrested, but is more upset at the thought that Rita believes she's capable of such a thing.

Mary finally tells Jude about her wedding to Norris, Phelan gets up to his old tricks on Nicola's behalf, and Liz falls for a scam.

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