Coronation Street spoilers: Ken has a crucial memory while Adam kidnaps Daniel...

An encounter with a whiskey bottle jogs Ken's memory to something crucial while a frustrated Adam kidnaps an unsuspecting Daniel...

Last updated: 21 May 2017 - 04.54pm

You know when a memory of a forgotten dream is brought back by a seemingly unconnected event? Well, something similar is about to happen to Ken.

In his case, the knocking over of a whisky bottle makes him remember something crucial about the night he was pushed. Later, he spots a pair of trainers he believes his attacker wore - but who do they belong to?


Tired of fighting to clear his name, Adam takes the law into his own hands by kidnapping Daniel and attempting to force him to admit that it was Sinead who was behind the assault, an incident that puts him off his impending Oxford entrance exam.

Meanwhile, Sarah decides to talk to the police about Nathan's behaviour, but it's Neil who arrives to take her statement, which only makes matters worse.

Plus, Nick comes up with a plan to get Steve and Peter out of Leanne's life for good, and Gina makes a confession.

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