Coronation Street spoilers: Sarah discovers a drunk, scantily clad Bethany...

Sarah is dismayed when she discovers a passed-out, drunk Bethany on creepy Nathan's sofa, while Peter and Toyah decide to go into business with Tracy...

Last updated: 14 May 2017 - 10.56am

Why would anybody go into business with Tracy? She's devious, untrustworthy and would stab you in the back as soon as look at you. Nevertheless, Toyah and Peter have agreed to buy the Rovers with her - in fact, alcoholic Peter becoming a landlord doesn't sound like a great idea either.

Before they can sign up, his and Toyah's relationship hits a rocky patch when she admits she secretly had the IVF implant and thinks he may have hit Chloe and pushed Ken. Nevertheless, she and Leanne storm round to Chloe's to demand she tell the truth - will she come good?


Leanne, meanwhile, has trouble at home thanks to a jealous Nick who organises Oliver's naming ceremony without telling her, and somehow makes her believe she's a bad mother in the process.

Sarah and Gary find Bethany drunk but dressed for one of Nathan's seedy parties, Anna learns that Phelan has been driving Faye to see Seb, and Shona ponders leaving Weatherfield.

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