Coronation Street Spoilers: Sophie and Rosie confront "troll"

Sophie and Rosie confront who they believe is trolling their mum Sally, while the plot surrounding who pushed Ken thickens...

Last updated: 11 April 2017 - 3.48pm

Nobody really snoops around in somebody's house before hiding in a cupboard, do they? Probably not in real life, but it's perfectly acceptable behaviour in soapland - as Shona proves.

While sitting in the dark under the stairs at the Platt house she overhears Gail and Sarah discussing David's ill-fated plot to blow up Clayton's prison van. Eventually, she reveals her whereabouts, prompting Gail to beg her not to repeat what she's heard. Later, they have a heart-to-heart during which Shona reveals a surprising secret of her own.


The plot surrounding the attempt to bump off Ken thickens. Adam thinks Tracy's responsible, but his efforts to quiz Amy about her mother's whereabouts on that fateful night backfire spectacularly when she gives the police a valuable piece of information, leading to Adam's arrest.

Meanwhile, Rosie and Sophie confront the person they believe is responsible for trolling Sally, Fiz's old friend Kim turns up and Freddie tries to make amends with Rita before moving on.