Corrie 2018: 12 New Year’s spoilers

Here are the major stories coming up on the cobbles in 2018…

2017 has been one of the most extraordinary years in Coronation Street’s history, with just about everything from murder to stalking to cheating to kidnapping gripping the street and the millions of viewers at home.

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However, as several 2018 Corrie storylines have already leaked, we’re confident that next year is set to be just as thrilling…

Here’s a round-up of the main storylines we know about so far:

Chesney and Sinead’s wedding day

chesney sinead

Sinead and Chesney’s wedding is finally set for the beginning of the year – but will it go ahead? Images show them in their wedding gear, but whether they’ll actually make it up the aisle remains to be seen – especially considering that Chesney has just pretended that his love rival Daniel Osbourne attacked him.

Carla will spill a huge secret

carla connor

Corrie head boss Kate Oates revealed that Carla will be returning with a massive secret – and that once it’s out there'll be serious repercussions.

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While we have absolutely no idea what it could be, we do know that Roy Cropper will be one of the first people she confesses all to…

Phelan’s skeletons exposed?

Murderer Phelan’s evil actions could be about to catch up with him sooner than he expected – as Gary and Seb will team up to work on a mill conversion in the New Year. While this might seem fair enough, there’s a major oil in the ointment here for Phelan – as the conversion is on the site of where Phelan disposed of his unlucky victims Vinny Ashford and Andy Carver.

Luke reports Phelan to the police?

phelan luke corrie

Luke Britton is still concerned about the mysterious disappearance of Andy Carver. He’s set to become even more suspicious when he realises that the story that Andy is travelling in South America is just that – a story - fabricated by none other than Phelan himself. A disturbed Luke threatens to report Phelan to the police – but will he be able to escape Phelan’s murderous clutches?

Rana to leave her husband for Kate?

rana coronation street

As we know Rana Nazir has been cheating on her husband Zeedan with Kate Connor. While she’s only been married since last year, rumours are already swirling that’s she’s set to leave him in the New Year for Kate. And as we know, we’ve just seen Rana blurt out to a suspicious Luke that she’s pregnant, which of course is a secret she can only play out for so long…

Bethany will become a lapdancer

bethany platt

Bethany, who has already made a dramatic return to the cobbles from Milan, is set to take up work as a lapdancer.

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Corrie insiders have revealed that although she’ll find her new job empowering and confidence-building, she will still hide it at first from her family. We can’t wait to see Gail’s face when she discovers her granddaughter’s latest venture…

Carla and Michelle will fall out

They were once best friends, but it has been hinted that Carla’s return to the Street will see tensions increase between herself and Michelle Connor. We don’t know what will cause the rift, but given their closeness we can only predict it must be something significant…

Billy will recover from his attack

billy mayhew

Images have leaked showing Billy Mayhew recovering from his shocking attack by Peter Barlow in a wheelchair. Will Billy report Peter to the police, or will the shame of causing Susan Barlow’s death all those years ago be too humiliating to expose to the Street? And what will he make of his once boyfriend Todd Grimshaw’s shock exit?

Todd’s exit story

Todd Grimshaw’s character has been written out after actor Bruno Langley was convicted of sexual assault.

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We will see him leave the soap with Summer over Christmas, but it has also been reported by The Sunday People that Todd’s character will be written off by having him going on the run after hitting a police officer – all of which will take place off-screen.

Anna Windass will leave the Street

anna windass

Debbie Rush, who’s been playing Anna Windass since 2008, will have left the soap by the end of January 2018. She’s currently in prison after being set up by villain Phelan for attacking Seb Franklin, but the outcome of her upcoming court appearance remains unknown…

Michelle’s son will return

Michelle was part of an infamous baby-swap storyline back in Christmas 2007, when she discovered the boy she'd raised as son Ryan was not actually her biological child – and her real child had been accidentally swapped in hospital shortly after giving birth.

The long-lost biological son, Alex Neeson has barely been mentioned in the last decade, but it’s been revealed that he’ll be returning to the Street next year with a job at the Medical Centre – and apparently with an ulterior motive.

David will suffer a shocking male rape ordeal

rana nazir coronation street

Kate Oates teased this year that an incredibly controversial storyline will be coming up in the New Year. And we’ve now found out that this will involve David Platt being drugged and raped by a new character named Josh. David and Josh, a personal trainer and mechanic, will be friends until a night out on the town descends into an appalling sexual assault.

Coronation Street continues on ITV at 7.30pm Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 

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