Comic Vic Reeves joins Coronation Street

The 58-year-old star is a long-time fan of the show and will play a shopkeeper.

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Last updated:22 May 2017 - 11.23am

Comic Vic Reeves will be making his life “complete” with a starring role in Coronation Street.

The 58-year-old, famous for his comedy partnership with Bob Mortimer, is a long-time fan of the ITV soap.

According to the Sun, he will appear as a shopkeeper in several episodes.

Vic Reeves (left) and Bob Mortimer (John Stillwell/PA)
Vic Reeves (left) and Bob Mortimer (John Stillwell/PA)


A source told the newspaper: “Vic’s over the moon. It’s his favourite show and it’s always been his dream to act in it one day.

“He’s made up and can’t wait to get stuck in.”

The Shooting Stars funnyman once said he would like to play the son of newsagent Norris Cole.

“I have watched Corrie since I was little and I have never ever missed an episode. For me it’s the greatest TV,” he previously said.

Vic Reeves (Ian West/PA)
Vic Reeves (Ian West/PA)


“I would love to be on Corrie. It would make my life complete.”

Other famous faces to have set foot on the cobbles over the years include actor Sir Ian McKellen and comic Peter Kay.

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