Corrie spoilers: David to kill Gary?

David vents his anger on Gary during their highly anticipated charity boxing match - but is he about to take it way too far?

Last updated: 8 April 2018 - 5.40pm

David, a thin strip of a lad, doesn't look as if he could fight his way out of a paper bag, but clearly appearances can be deceptive.

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It's the day of the charity boxing match, and when Tyrone is forced to drop out of his bout so that he can take Fiz and Hope to a hastily arranged therapy session, David barges into the ring, demanding to take on Gary - despite the danger due to his epilepsy.

david josh boxing match corrie

David clearly sees the fight as a way of getting rid of some pent-up anger, but poor Gary ends up getting a severe beating that leaves him fighting for his life - and David under arrest.

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When a steroid needle is found nearby, everyone suspects that he must have fought while under the influence, while David himself eventually breaks down in remorse and ponders reporting his ordeal to the police.

Elsewhere, Carla hands the factory over to Aidan, Robert is asked to take part in a charity calendar shoot and Eva has doubts about the baby.

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