Is Amy a chip off the old block? Her mother, Tracy, is no stranger to violent crime, but would her daughter really want to bump off Ken?

Tracy clearly thinks her offspring is capable of such things, especially after Amy denies all knowledge of Adam's claim that he turned up at No 1 on the night in question. She's sure Amy is lying and goes in search of incriminating evidence.


Later, Tracy informs Steve that she's taking their daughter away for a surprise holiday - but are they really going on the run before the police come calling?

There's trouble brewing for Bethany, too, who is well and truly under creepy Nathan's spell. He tricks her into spending time with Neil, a move she may live to regret.

Meanwhile, Toyah goes against Peter's wishes by having the embryos planted, Todd is jealous of Billy's ex and Rosie discovers the true identity of Sally's stalker.