Corrie spoilers: Michelle and long-lost son reunite

And it's far from a happy reunion...

Last updated: 6 February 2018 - 12.06pm

He hasn't been mentioned for years, but those with a long memory may remember that Michelle has a son she never sees or mentions. Well, that's all about to change because Alex turns up at the medical centre on a work placement.

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Michelle is understandably shocked to see him and asks why he hasn't been in touch for such a long time, but he refuses to answer - clearly he's another in a long line of soapland residents who appear out of the blue with something to hide.

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Bethany blames Craig for her losing her job at the club, so dumps him. She throws herself into setting Sarah up with a date with Aidan, who says she'll go if Bethany makes up with Craig. Unfortunately, his OCD leaves him in a difficult position.

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Billy struggles to cope with his pain, Adam is devastated when Eva says she wants to go to America without him, and Carla surprises Sinead by coming up with a plan to help her win Daniel back.

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