Corrie spoilers: Michelle discovers Carla's shocking affair

Michelle is outraged when she discovers her best mate Carla has been sleeping with none other than her estranged son Ali.

Last updated: 14 April 2018 - 3.38pm

Key issue of the week in Weatherfield is steroid abuse, and whether Robert has been overdoing it. However, that's a mere storm in a teacup compared to the bombshell that Carla and Ali have been having a fling under Michelle's nose. (Don't count on that wedding invite Carla).

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Kate and Rana's relationship also goes down like a lead balloon. Alya is gobsmacked when she finds out, and even more stunned that her parents and Zeedan knew about it.

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Elsewhere, evil Simon continues to fool the locals, in this case Toyah whose torment over a £20 should leave millions gnashing their teeth. (How long until he's hacked into Underworld and nicked all their money?)

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And while Eileen is still depressed, Daniel plans a campaign to get Anna out of prison. It's a pity Eileen feels too ashamed to take part, although maybe the mystery figure sneaking around the cobbles what she should be most concerned about.

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