Corrie spoilers: Show's producer teases shocking autumn storylines

Between Eva's revenge plot, Rita's health scare and Andy's attempts to escape from Phelan's clutches, get set for an incredible few months on Coronation Street.

Coronation Street boss Kate Oates has revealed some of the soap's big storylines for this autumn, including Eva's chaotic wedding day, Rita's health battle and what's in store for Andy and Phelan.

Here's what's coming up on the cobbles...

Eva’s wedding day showdown with Maria

eva maria

After Eva repeatedly humiliates Maria on her hen night, Maria is set to get her revenge on Eva’s wedding day. Kate revealed that Maria will storm in on Eva’s big day and an epic fight in the fountain will follow!

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"We have the fallout of the big wedding week – the problem with Eva’s revenge is that it isn’t quite as easy to stop as she thought so there are big repercussions for many people on the Street," Kate revealed.

"That will have a major impact on people’s lives and also on how popular Eva is!”

A darker side to Vicar Billy Mayhew

We’ve only ever really seen a loving and compassionate side to the Street’s resident vicar Billy Mayhew. However, Kate said we’re about to see a shockingly different side to him.

“We have a very dark story for Billy which will have a big impact on another main family on the street and that will run into Christmas,” she said.

Rita’s dramatic decline in health

rita tanner dementia

Corrie fans have been in uproar that soap legend Rita Tanner, played by 84-year-old Barbara Knox, is set to leave the soap. Rita has been showing symptoms of what appears to be dementia, and producer Kate said that her health will only decline further.

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Kate also marvelled at Barbara’s dedication and commitment to the storyline.

“We've also got the heartbreaking story with Rita, and we are reminded how amazing the great Barbara Knox is and how lucky we are to have her,” she said.

A Kate Connor and Rana Nazir fling

We’ve already seen Rana react badly to Kate’s new girlfriend Imogen, prompting fans online to speculate that Rana is secretly in love with Kate.

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Kate Oates was able to confirm that there will be romance between the two of them – but with a possible twist.

“We’ve got a new romance bubbling for Kate and Rana which may take a few interesting turns,” she revealed.

Freedom for Phelan’s secret houseguest?

andy carver

It was only weeks ago that the shocking Corrie twist revealed that Andy Carver is alive and, if not completely well, living in the basement of a derelict house owned by evil builder Phelan.

Kate said that this storyline will meet a dramatic climax, but refused to reveal whether Andy would make it out alive.

“We will play that out over autumn,” Kate said. “And will see how he deals with that problem. Will Andy see the light of day or not?”

We can't wait to find out.

Coronation Street returns at 7.30 pm on ITV.

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