Coronation Street spoilers: Shocking cancer diagnosis for Robert?

A good deed forces Robert into hospital and to undergo urology tests.

Last updated: 19 November 2017 - 12.06pm

Robert turns Superman, saving Joseph from being hit by the bistro van after he runs into the road.

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Kate was supposed to be taking care of the lad, but later admits she was distracted by thoughts of Rana at the time of the incident. Tut tut.

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Sinead, who was enjoying a rare afternoon off by letting her hair down at the pub, is overwhelmed by guilt, particularly as she was hanging out with Daniel at the time. When Chesney spots them together, he's less than impressed and plots revenge against his arch enemy.

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But back to Robert... He's found a lump in one of his testicles and is so frightened by the thought of what it might mean, it takes Michelle an age to persuade him to have a scan. The results show that he needs an operation immediately, but instead he visits a casino with Johnny where he quickly loses a heap of cash.

Dev invites Gina to stay with him, Colin persuades Moira to help him with a DNA test and Mary hopes her family can forgive her.