Corrie spoilers: Rosie Webster's exit storyline revealed

After appearing on This Morning, Rosie is offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to swap the cobbles for an exotic new life abroad...

Last updated: 8 June 2018 - 2.19pm

Rosie Webster: Crime Buster. It may sound unlikely, but maybe there's a Corrie spin-off awaiting us, in which she scuppers villains across Manchester.

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She certainly makes a good job of making sure Antoine gets what he deserves by double-crossing the drug-dealer with help from Gemma and Craig.

coronation street spoilers

Later, the trio is asked to appear on This Morning with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield. Rosie arrives looking like a million dollars, catching the eye of a modelling agency in the process. Before you know it, she's been offered a job hosting a TV show in Japan and she waves goodbye to her friends and family - clearly that spin-off is on hold for now.

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But before she leaves, Rosie makes a mistake involving Aidan's will that could have serious implications for the Connor clan.

Elsewhere, Roy becomes concerned about Gail's involvement with a psychic, Sharon makes a move on Kirk and Carla blames herself for her brother's death.

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