Corrie spoilers: Male rape storyline needs telling, says newcomer Ryan Clayton

Coronation Street new boy Ryan Clayton reveals all about his character Josh’s twisted plans for David, and how he's not leaving the cobbles just yet.

Coronation Street’s newcomer, mechanic and personal trainer Josh Tucker, played by Ryan Clayton, may seem all charm and smiles so far, but as fans of the soap already know, he has a twisted plan for an unsuspecting David Platt.

David is seemingly thrilled to finally have a close male friend in Josh, but little does he know that Josh is about to drug and rape him, in what will be Corrie’s first ever male rape storyline.

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We spoke to actor Ryan Clayton on what’s coming up and why he thinks his character Josh is an important addition to Corrie.

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Ryan says Josh won’t see it as rape but indeed as a consensual act between himself and David:

“In his head it isn't sexual assault, he doesn't see it as that, and he will just go, 'Oh well, I'm sure he'll be up for it, and I might just slip something into his drink to make it an even better time,” Ryan said.

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Ryan says after that he’s committed the sick act, he will have no regrets, and will continue to act as a close friend to a traumatised David.

"He totally believes it's absolutely fine, and it's not until later that he realises that David might have a problem with it. He thinks David is worried about Shona finding out and he's saying, 'Look, get over it'."

Josh won’t be leaving the cobbles anytime soon and is scheduled to stay on the Street at least until the end of summer – during which time he will wreak hell on David’s life and psyche.

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And there could be more victims on the street, as Ryan let on that Josh will turn his attentions to a female resident.

"It'll go on for a while because he's still training everybody to box. In order to try to protect himself he may turn his charms on one of the ladies on the street. He's a dangerous person to be around in a very manipulative way."

Ryan emphasised that he thinks this is an important issue for Corrie to address, and one that it isn’t purely about sensationalism.

"There was a recent documentary on BBC iPlayer about male rape. In the first three minutes, one of the guys said: 'You just don't see it or hear about it. It's totally unrepresented'. So I thought: 'Wow, there we go, it's a story that needs telling'."

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