Corrie spoilers: Toyah and Eva's baby secret exposed

Toyah finally confesses all to a bewildered Peter. Where will this leave Eva and baby Susie?

Last updated: 9 June 2018 - 9.44pm

We all knew Toyah and Eva's baby bombshell was going to drop at some point, and this week things finally come to a head. As Peter staggers from the wreckage of discovering Susie is Eva's child, and their own passed away, it could mean the end for the Rovers's golden couple.

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Meanwhile, Eileen announces she's off to Bristol with Nicola, so new lodger Seb will have to find somewhere else to live.

corrie spoilers

It looks like it's all over for Johnny and Jenny following Aidan's funeral. He only has eyes for Liz it seems.

In addition, seams are more the issue at Underworld, and who is in charge of keeping an eye on them. With Alya now the boss, she has the locks changed, which leaves Carla fuming.

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And sparks fly between Ryan and Ali when they realise they'll have to stay under the same roof.

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