Coronation Street spoilers: Vicar Billy arrested

Billy Mayhew's sinister past is finally exposed.

Last updated: 12 November 2017 - 03.45pm

Billy has always appeared to be an upright member of the community, bringing spiritual guidance and downright common sense to anybody who needed them. But it seems he has a secret past...

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Apparently his fingerprints have been discovered on a burnt-out car that was used in an armed robbery in 2001. Adam instructs him to say nothing when the police take him in for questioning, but later, he has a confession to make to Todd. The really upsetting part of the entire story is that it may mean that the couple lose poor Summer, who's already had her life turned upside down.

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Rana tries to pretend she's excited about her wedding to Zeedan, but a drunken Kate really puts the cat among the pigeons by ringing to tell her she loves her.

Nicola leaves Weatherfield, so Phelan plots revenge on Anna, who he holds responsible for his daughter's decision. Robert returns from prison but isn't in top shape, Fiz falls out with her friends over the crowdfunding money and Colin suspects that Norris is his father.

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