Corrie spoilers: Will Seb expose Phelan or will he be framed by the killer builder?

Now he has the blood of three men on his hands, is evil builder Pat Phelan about to get his comeuppance, or will he wriggle out of it yet again?

Coronation Street viewers were shocked on Friday night when Luke met his untimely death in a burning car - becoming the third victim of Pat Phelan's killing spree.

When his search for missing friend Andy Carver led to him cottoning on to Phelan’s evil deeds, Luke tracked down the builder and caught him scooping up what may have been victim Andy's shoe from the river.

After confronting a defiant Phelan about Andy's disappearance, Luke left determined to tell the police - only to be viciously attacked by the brick-wielding builder.

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But Luke fought back, leaving Phelan apparently unconscious before he raced off in his car. But Phelan made a rapid recovery, giving chase in his van before forcing a drowsy Luke off the road. As the injured mechanic attempted to free himself from the wreckage, Phelan shot him before firing two bullets into the petrol tank to spark a deadly inferno.

When news of Luke's death reaches the cobbles, residents hold a vigil for Luke. His devastated girlfriend Ayla Nazir is certain that it was a racially motivated attack and points the police in the direction of the Parker brothers, who Luke assaulted after they racially abused her during their business dealings.

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But although police are following the wrong line of inquiry, Phelan's crimes may be about to be exposed. Surely his murdering spree can only go so long before someone wises up to his twisted actions.

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If the preview images for the weeks ahead have anything to go by, it seems that there’s a good chance either his wife, Eileen, or apprentice Seb Franklin are about to uncover some nasty home truths about Phelan.

Seb will immediately suspect Phelan as Luke’s murderer, especially as he’s already seen him with a gun which he handled himself.

However, Phelan warns him that the gun will have Seb’s fingerprints all over it, and if Seb goes to the police he will frame Seb – just like he did to Anna.


A terrified Seb it set to confess all to a stunned Eileen – who has been slowly growing suspicious of her husband over the last few weeks, and who will even question his whereabouts on the day of Luke's death: which he lied and said he’d been watching telly all evening.

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In response to Seb’s outburst, Eileen will search Phelan’s toolbox. Will she find incriminating evidence, or will she find enough to make see her finally see her husband’s darker side?

And if Phelan does frame Seb, will Eileen stand by her husband or stick up for the innocent accused?

We have no idea what the outcome will be, but now that Phelan’s murder count has reached three, it seems only a matter of time before someone close to him rats him out…

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