Corrie’s Carla Connor ‘at snapping point’ after Underworld tragedy

Carla blames herself after the tragedy in Weatherfield.

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Last updated: 12 March 2019 - 12.11am

Coronation Street’s Alison King has said her character Carla Connor has “a complete breakdown” as a result of the Underworld disaster.

Carla is a suspect after the factory collapses, leaving one person dead.

Actress King said she is left at “snapping point” after the tragedy.

“It is the breaking point, and she has a complete breakdown, it is cumulative of all the life trauma that has happened to her,” she said.

“She is that strong person who has carried on for too long and not asked for help or dealt with anything properly; her upbringing, finding her father, the rape, losing the baby, the disastrous relationships, the death of Aidan. She is at snapping point.”

Carla shuts Underworld on the day it all happens.

“Closing the factory does look as though she is perhaps aware of how bad the roof was, but has she gone as far as getting someone to sabotage it?” said King.

“She certainly blames herself when it happens but is that just guilt or does she know more?”

Alison King at an awards show
Alison King plays Carla O’Connor (PA)

The actress said acting Carla’s breakdown is challenging and that she wants to make sure she gets it right.

“I am doing some research about how it manifests itself and how paranoia can set it,” she said.

“Everybody is against her but it would be tenfold in her mind because of her mental health.

“This is just the start of it for Carla and it will be interesting to see what sort of woman she is when she eventually comes out the other side.

“She is paying for what happened at the factory whether it was actually her fault or not.”

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